Wording For Catholic Wedding Invitations

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You are about to say ‘yes’…the most important ‘yes’ of your lives. In these conditions it is only normal to want the best for this moment. After you have established every little detail it is high time to let all your guests know about your plans. This message will be reflected in the wedding invitations. These are the cards that carry away to the world all there is to know on this wedding day. The focus being on the religious aspect, it is normal to construct the invitations in the same pattern. The religion is not important since there is a template for each situation. The same rule applies to the part of the wording. It is not enough to connect the design with the theme of the wedding. The text also has to give a clue on the scenario. A simple and modest wedding….a simple text with plain vocabulary. An exuberant thematic reception….a special love quote or a poem. The more diverse the situation, the more diverse the wording. It is like a circle in which every piece plays an important role: one detail triggers the other.

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The good thing about this is that you have many reliable sources of inspiration at hand. For example, maybe you are interested in wording for catholic wedding invitations. What you need is a good guideline. Basically, you need to know what to do and what not to do. You could also use some samples ready to use. This is exactly what the specialists at 123Wedding Cards want to offer you: innovative solutions to old problems, so to say. What you have to know is that a certain vocabulary is advised and that simple sentences and phrases are preferred. After all, the final text is a matter of nuances…that is why your personal signature will make the difference.

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The more you see the better. It will be good to read a couple of samples before you settle for one version. Of course, your version will be unique. Identical invitations are literarily impossible to find…each wedding has a personality of its own.11

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