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The design of the wedding invitations can still be used to make a certain indirect statement or to share some of your ideas and passions; for example it isn’t so uncommon choosing to have the invitations made of different materials such as plastic or wood.
The simple white cards used for the invitations usually had printed on them the family crest while the text was written using a beautiful and stylish calligraphy style. It seems that things haven’t changed that much regarding their high importance, except the manner in which they are mailed out. In the past, the sendees had to use a double envelope to protect the content because they had to be sent out through a courier and the traveling conditions weren’t the easy, sometimes taking even weeks for those invitations to reach their destination. Afterwards the dirty and/or scratched outer envelope was removed to reveal the second one with the wedding invitation intact.

The purpose of the wedding invitations has always been to announce such an important event like the wedding day but let us not forget that we live in an era where looks do matter. Actually, frankly speaking ever since they were invented, the design of the wedding invitations has been important. Let us think that, several centuries ago, in Europe, the dominant social classes and the aristocracies used these invitations to make an indirect statement about their social rank, wealth and about their rightful place in the social hierarchy.

Since the design is very important so are the themed weddings; usually the design is chosen so that it will match with that theme, giving your guests indirect hints about how special you plan your wedding to be.

There are two familiar wording styles used in issuing the invitations; the formal wording is usually demanded by the wording etiquette for the wedding but you can also use the non-traditional language style, because no matter how informal in may be, you still have to include the basic information about the wedding such as the name of the main couple, the name of the wedding hosts, the date, time and location of the ceremony and/or after-party/reception and sometimes, only if it is necessary, the attendance response. This informal wording can be humorous or funny and this is one of the reasons why I recommend using it if you decide of buying those wooden designed wedding invitations.

The important thing is to include all the necessary details such as the name of the ceremony and reception location, that is if you are having them planned in the same day or if the private ceremony will be followed in another day by a reception, the printed map and directional signs are quite useful if the location is unfamiliar; you might need to make some suggestions about the wedding attire if you plan in having a themed wedding party, and the list could go on.

The name of the wedding hosts can be added or not, but since the bride’s parents, the groom’s parents or both families pay for the wedding it will be a sign of respect towards them to let the issuing of the invitations in their care. Sometimes the bride and groom decide to pay for their own wedding so it would be their personal choice the style in which they will make the inviting.

The non-attendance responses are requested because they are simpler to manage; for example to receive them you can add a phone number for contact and the expression “Regrets only” on the wedding invitation cards. The RSVPs are requested more frequently and you can add them on the invitation card or on a separate one with a return address included.

Usually, wooden the wedding invitations are mailed out with several weeks in advance in special conditions because the postal services do not accept any other materials except paper for mail.

Thermography is a simple printing method that not only allowed the mass production of some one-of-a-kind and cheap wedding invitation patterns but its specific raised effect can be used in writing the invitation text.

The custom of using the double envelope is still popular bur the most important thing is the written information so make sure that before sealing them inside those personalized envelopes and sent the out, to read again what is written on the invitation cards and correct any evident spelling mistakes or errors in using the correct honorifics and addressing forms.11

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