Women With Long Fingernails

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Fingernails have been a good part in our lives. The have been regarded as having the capacity of letting one know about the state of their overall health. Therefore, one can easily find out if there is anything wrong with his health by simply taking a <strong>mere</strong> look at his fingernails.
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Apart from the fingernails view of having the ability to let you know whether there is something wrong with your health, they have another role, that of getting one’s look better than it is. This has been done since the early ages from Cleopatra and Nefertiti, when they used petals to <strong>“polish”</strong> their fingernails.

While women have at all times found possibilities to offer their look better view and to have a certain differentiation between them, and to show their individuality once again through this thing as well, today’s women, believe that long fingernails are a <strong>sign </strong>of beauty.

<strong>Women with <a title=”long fingernails” href=”http://photowebs.blogspot.com/2007/03/women-with-long-fingernails.html”>long fingernails</a> </strong>are highly regarded especially if they have a career that requires this kind of care. Caring for your fingernails is a needing thing, but while caring for fingernails it is rather easy to do, growing long, healthy and good looking fingernails, will prove to be a difficult thing, or many of us.

In order for <strong>women with long fingernails </strong>to start growing their fingernails, it is important that a good fingernail care is provided. One should start by trimming the fingernails once a week and providing them with the natural caring oils.  Apart from this one will have to think of the fact that providing the necessary care to their fingernails means giving them around two hours of week of attention. It is needing to offer them protection, care by using a fingernail oil, clipper, file, buffer and using them appropriately. Anyhow, until one reaches the perfect fingernail <strong>file</strong> for his nails, one will have to try various such nail files. Each fingernail item should be used by just one person and should not be borrowed as they are believed to be <strong>intimate</strong> things.

Another product that each woman should have in order to take proper care of her fingernails is a cuticle cream that one should moisturize the cuticles with. As the cuticles are the ones the nail plate grows from as they are the connection between the nail <strong>matrix</strong> and the nail plate.

Long fingernails are not just a sense of <strong>beauty</strong>, they offer you style, they make the women feel sexier, they as well can be given a wide variety of colors and designs and they will sometimes prove to be helpful. These are the times when you have to take something off, you have to pull something, you have as well to arrange something on you.

Anyhow, if one is a business woman, keeping long fingernails are absolute <strong>necessary</strong> as they offer you an entire new look and they as well provide you with elegance and with a <a title=”attractive long fingernails” href=”http://www.faniq.com/poll_results.php?poll_id=37089&amp;rnum=”><strong>particular</strong></a> feeling when “wearing” them. They will be just as another item of your “wardrobe”.

Apart from the particular look the long fingernails provide to a woman they are hard to be maintained, and this is why, one will most certainly renounce when they get to a certain length, and will maintain an constant fingernail length.

However, in 2009 a woman, known under the name of Lee Redmond, came to be the woman with the <a title=”longest fingernails” href=”http://www.efingernails.com/longest-fingernails-record-2/”>longest </a>fingernails in the world. Her total fingernails length was of   24 feet and 7.8 inches, when she broke them of in a car <strong>accident</strong>. These were not long fingernails, but extremely log fingernails. She is the only woman that has arrived to be in the <strong>Guinness</strong> <strong>Book</strong>.

Before starting growing long fingernails, one should be well aware of the fact that one should have a proper diet that will offer the needing <strong>proteins</strong> and <strong>vitamins</strong> for the fingernails to grow.11

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