Winter Vintage Wedding Cabin Decorations

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Having a winter wedding at a cabin sounds very romantic. Especially if you have a unique corner in the room like a fireplace which you can decorate with some ornaments or you hang some candelabras to make the cabin a bit more glamorous. It depends what kind of concept you are looking to recreate. If vintage is something that you have in mind then you should get inspire from other vintage concepts. Take a look online or consult with your husband to see what you can use. Flowers are ideal for you to try and recreate this vintage look. You can add some dusty pink roses along with some white ones in some vintage inspired vases.

They can be made out of glass or it can have some unique drawings on it. These containers can be round and large ones or tall ones if you want something impressive for your tables. You can also hang these flower decorations all over the cabin including the chairs. Everything has to be embellished and look exactly and you want it to look. For your tables you can also choose some twigs which can be adorned with some globes and some other Christmas inspired figurines. After all it is a winter wedding and you need to choose the proper decorations for this look. Maybe some ceramic Santa figurines or some bells can also be placed on the tables. The bells can be gold or silver ones. You could also add some paper snowflakes all around the cabin and all around the table area.

Winter Vintage Wedding Cabin Decorations

Winter Vintage Wedding Cabin Decorations (Photo by: Gemma Morgan)

You can also obtain that vintage feel by adding some pictures on the tables and by using vintage picture frames. Of course you don’t have to buy actual vintage frames because they will probably cost you a fortune. But you can look for ones that have a unique silver detailing to them with some engravings or rose models on them. Then choose a picture that you both like and add it to your table décor. To complete the winter look place some colorful globes in some round bowls or some candles shaped like snowflakes.


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