Will You Be My Best Man?

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Being chosen as a best man, it’s a great honor for any guy. But you should know it’s not all just fun. Even though a best man is not as involved as a maid of honor when planning the wedding, he still has some duties. Let’s talk about a best man’s responsibilities.

Before the wedding, a best man has to plan the bachelor party. That’s his favorite part because it’s big fun and all males can go wild. That’s how some of party horror stories take place. Before the wedding you also have to get fitted for a tux or suit, and participate to rehearsal dinner.

When the big days arrives the best man has a lot of things to do. From example, before the ceremony, he helps the groom get dressed, make sure he has everything he needs and then drive him to the wedding location. At the ceremony, he enters with the groom and keeps the groom’s ring safe. He also escorts the maid of honor down the aisle at the end of the ceremony.

Photo Source: standingovationweddingspeeches.typepad.com/

Photo Source: standingovationweddingspeeches.typepad.com/

At the reception, it’s a must to hold a speech. You may be afraid of speaking  in public, so practice in advance. The toast should be extremely personal, interesting and short. Telling funny stories about the happy couple it’s always a good choice.

Decorating the getaway car it’s also on your to do list. During all night, a best man should act like a host and assure everything goes well.


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