Wide waist band wedding dresses Miami

Wedding Dresses | June 21 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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The choices in both modern and vintage style wedding dresses are infinite more today than they ever were before. The contemporary bride-to-be is free to choose from a myriad of conventional and unconventional styles, glamorous and simple styles, natural and extravagant styles, formal and casual styles.

But since the palette of options is so large and generous, the modern bride might find it harder and harder to make a single decision and to be sure that it is the right one. So, we advise all the brides who are looking for the perfect wedding dress to think well and rethink their options, according to their deepest preferences and personal style.

When choosing the wedding dress one must also be very careful with all the aspects of the wedding: formality, character, amplitude, location, season, color scheme, theme or style. Besides theses, she must pay more attention to her body type in order to choose only from those styles that can really fit their shape and flatter their figure. Think about what you like and what you’ve always dreamt of wearing on the day and don’t get distracted by other opinions. Don’t try to please everybody because you won’t make it. There are many brides who are considering their mother’s preferences, tastes in matters of fashion and elegance and their wishes.

You don’t have to dress up like your mother wants you to. We encourage you to find your own style (if you don’t have a defined one) and follow it until the end. Pleasing other persons won’t help you find the dress of your dreams. On our website you will be able to find tones of articles, subjects and pictures with different types of wedding dresses that you can choose from.

In this article we are going to discuss about wide waist band wedding dresses hopping that you will get to appreciate this style or at least inspire you for your own wedding dress’s style and design.

Perhaps you’ve seen already those halter style wedding dresses made especially for the destination bride, or those chic V-neck wider strap empire waist wedding dresses with wide bands underneath the waist line, beaded or colored. If you haven’t got the chance of seeing any of these styles, take a look at these images (with Oleg Cassini wedding dresses) and tell us what you think.

In general, these types of wide waist band wedding dresses made with a casual style are usually designed with a sensational and exclusive Roman, Greek or Egyptian style. They are made exclusively for the modern relaxed bride who is planning an exotic romantic ancient wedding near the beach or the ocean side. If your wedding is going to be held somewhere in Miami or in any other beach or island tropical location perhaps this style might work excellent!11

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  1. Dorry

    January 22, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    A few years ago I bought myself a nice dress for a very elegant party that had a wide waist band and that I thought it fits me quite beautifully. And since then I’ve been looking for different dresses that have this type of band. And I found some pretty nice ones, with different accessories, embroideries, pattern or appliques on them. And of course that now, that I am about to get married, I wish my wedding dress to be the same type. So I’ve searched a lot, but until now I couldn’t say “this is it.” Either colored waist bands or too elegant wedding dresses. But the top dress from here is exactly what I was looking for. The length is perfect, the wide waste band is so nice and the line is so fluid.

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