White Wedding Flowers with Green

Wedding Decorations | August 30 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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One of our favorite themes for a wedding is the whit and green themes that we recommend especially to those who want an elegant classic wedding with a vibrant twist. The white and green is very trendy and sought after by many brides today for their own bouquets or for the wedding decor arrangements.


The purity of white makes a flirty and flattering pair with the vividness of green, giving birth to one of the most versatile and innovative color palettes for a wedding. We invite all those who are interested in seeing more pictures of white wedding flowers with green to browse for the other articles that we have on this topic on our website. Perhaps you will get the chance to find something suitable and unique for your own wedding among the white and green bouquet and table centerpieces that we have on our pages.


Green is vibrant, cheerful, fun, youthful and rich, while white is soft, cozy, quiet and elegant. They form a fantastic pair because they are complementary colors and we are convinced that there will be of our readers to say that these gorgeous arrangements shown here are fascinating and one of a kind. As we said above, this color scheme is perfect for those who want a unique theme and therefore a unique wedding. Green is the color of originality and white the nuance of distinctiveness and refinement and we can only imagine just how good they can look together.


Now, the final look of your arrangements depends on the exact type of green you’re choosing. The paler or softer greens available in the pastel palettes are more adequate for antique inspired weddings or for refined and high class receptions. Here are a few examples of soft neutral green shades: meadow green, lime green and mustard green. The bolder tones are more adequate for dramatic modern or vintage inspired weddings: mint green, sage green, forest or hunter green. If you’re planning a tropical destination wedding we suggest you use sea green or emerald green.


Even the static white can be found in paler shades, depending on the case. You can opt for antique whites, eggplant whites, rose whites or ivory and creamy whites that look a bit more interesting and appealing. These shades can make wonderful choices especially for antique themed weddings. These white wedding flowers with green can work for both in and outdoors weddings, although they are more adequate for nature inspired ceremonies and receptions.11

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