White peacock wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | April 10 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

In case you are searching for a truly magnificent, outstanding, stunning and out of ordinary wedding dress for the big day, we recommend you the white peacock wedding dress . Feathered wedding dresses are still in vogue in 2010, especially because they can provide the modern bride with a charming antique, vintage and “flappery” look.
More and more brides are planning on wearing a vintage inspired wedding dress in order to complement the antique theme of the wedding. For those who are organizing the whole event in a retro style or perhaps in a cabaret chic glamour and elegance, a white peacock wedding dress can be the best outfit for you.

The peacock feathers are pretty expensive to buy and that is why one needs to be very careful when purchasing the wedding dress. Depending on the wedding dress budget of each one of you, you can reduce the costs by simply choosing to incorporate the feathers in different patterns or only in a certain part of the dress.

One can see white wedding dresses with peacock feathered trails and mermaid skirts as well as we can see the feathers incorporated in the neckline of the dress, in the waist line or in the hem and the sleeves. If you are “wealthy” enough to afford a full white peacock wedding dress covered all in feathers, you should definitely follow this path and be assured that everyone will turn their head to see you as much as possible in your splendor.

The white color is back in trend this year, where all white weddings are classified as the symbol of elegance, style, refinement and classicism of all weddings. There are many other colors that one can find in peacock feathers, such as blue, green, yellow, brown, teal or black and violet, but white remains the most suitable color for a sensational, pure and chic peacock wedding dress.

The peacock themed wedding is very popular at this moment. One can see this unique feather incorporated in many other items, articles or pieces of the wedding, as a very sophisticated, unique, authentic, outstanding and eye-catchy decorative element.

One can see peacock wedding cakes or peacock wedding table centerpieces. The bridal bouquet can also be enriched and transformed into a more valuable, striking and original accessory for the bride with the simple use of the peacock feather. Feather wedding bouquets are in big demand this year, when more and more women are planning a chic old era themed wedding.

The bridal veil, the hat or the bridal gloves can also be decorated and ornate with white peacock feathers for a more ravishing, classy and sexy look. A white peacock wedding dress an be worn on a casual wedding spent outdoors in a botanical garden, in a national grand park, on beaches, exotic islands and coast, or spent indoors in fancy restaurants or ball courts and cathedrals.11

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  1. Suzana

    May 11, 2011 at 11:54 am

    I would have liked to see some examples of these dresses. Well, too bad, I’m gonna look for them online. But the idea seems very interesting. I know that I want my wedding day to be very special and of course the dress should be the same, if not even more than that. But I ma for now just looking for ideas. And trust me when I say that there are so many ideas about weddings I don’t know which one would be most beautiful to me. But this white peacock feathers in the dress is one of the most interesting and the botanical garden idea s a very special one. I think I will give a little more thought to these two.

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