White Bridal Bouquets

Wedding Decorations | April 29 2020 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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This is one of the many articles that you can find on our website on white bridal bouquets, articles that we recommend to both modern and classic brides who are planning an elegant, fancy and impeccable look for the wedding.


There are so many color palettes available today for weddings that the contemporary bride can get easily confused and overwhelmed with the choices she must make. The more variants and alternatives a bride has, the more confusion and dilemmas she will encounter. Anyway, this is a good thing – to be able to choose from a wide palette of colors and designs.


Problematic or not, we must admit that any bride – regardless of her cultural background, age, vision or wedding formality has the chance to find something 100% adequate for the type of wedding she’s planning and this can only sound like good news! We’ve decided to leave the colors for a while and present you the white theme for this article because we know that there are many brides or couples out there interested in seeing more designs and types of wedding flower arrangements that contain this precious color! White is divine, charming and elegant, and it can make an excellent nuance or theme selection for any type of wedding!


This shade stands for innocence, clarity, chastity, purity, immaculateness, uniqueness, spirituality, truth, candor, fragility, femininity, softness, delicacy, gracefulness, intimacy, tenderness, loyalty, daintiness cleanliness and simplicity. The white theme is back in trend and it looks like this time it is going to be for a very long time! We can’t really state that white ever went out of fashion, but we can affirm that there was a period of time when this color was not so popular for weddings. And it seems that this period is gone, now that so many couples of today are interested in adopting this precious theme for their own wedding.


Incorporated in both antique and modern weddings, the white color is versatile and chic and it can be used for composing and arranging wonderful wedding flower bouquets according to the formality, season, venue and amplitude of the wedding. A white bridal bouquet can be beautified or accented with a few bold colored blooms in case you want to obtain a more eye-catchy, diversified and distinctive look. The white shade looks great next to any color, so you can use just about anything for your own white arrangement!11

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