Which Finger Is The Wedding Band Worn

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To answer the question about which finger is a wedding band worn on is not hard at all. The finger is the fourth one, the ring finger. Much harder is to establish the hand on which to put the ring. Some place the wedding ring on the right hand others on the left one depending on their culture or the country they live in.

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In Western countries and cultures the wedding band is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, custom inherited form the Roman, which believed in the existence of the love vena that made a connection of the heart with this finger. So, in the countries that were at some point under the Romans influence people wear wedding rings on the left hand.

The blessing of the wedding bands is not something new either. The custom of blessing wedding rings and place them on the bride’s finger was established in the 11th century. Men wedding ring were not used also since then. They are common since the 1940s, with the beginning of the Second World War. In some European cultures the wedding ring is not placed on the left hand. For example the Greek brides wear the engagement ring on the left hand before the wedding ceremony and during the ceremony they chance the hand, and place the ring on the left hand. This way the engagement ring becomes a wedding ring and the engagement period evolves to a marriage. Russian too put the wedding band on the right hand. This is a custom for the deeply Orthodox countries.

In the Netherlands, some parts of Germany or Belgium it is most common to wear the wedding ring on the right hand and the engagement ring on the left one. Protestants usually do so. In some countries like Austria, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, Yugoslavia or some parts of Spain brides wear the wedding bands on their ring finger of the right hand. However, in many countries such as England for example, the wedding band is worn on the left hand, thing established by the Anglican Church. Italians or French wear also the ring on the left hand.

Well, we said that there is not actually a problem regarding which finger is a wedding band worn. It is not because in most religions, cultures or countries people place the wedding ring on the fourth finger. However, not everybody does so. The Jews place the wedding ring on the index finger during the wedding ceremony. Because almost everybody wears the ring on the ring finger, the Jews usually move the ring form the index finger after the ceremony. The tradition was maintained because in Ancient Israel the Jews believed that the index finger was the prominent one.11

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