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The custom of sending wedding invitations to announce a wedding day dates back several centuries ago and because of this the general tips about these invitations can be very useful.


First for a little history about the wedding invitations: these invitation cards were mostly used back in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries by the members of the European aristocracies, especially the French and English ones, as another form of entertainment and sometimes it took several weeks for the wedding invitations, mailed out through a courier, to reach their destination. To prevent scratching and dirtying the invitation card, the family who issued the inviting used a double envelope and the outer envelope was removed at the destination.

This custom was soon adopted by people from all lower social ranks, who, since the middle age period when education and poverty were majors problems, had to spread the news about the wedding only among family members or the town crier could have issued out loud the announcement.

In the beginning of the twentieth century, newly developed technologies allowed the mass production of wedding invitations, but if people were still just too poor to afford buying and sending the invitations to a wedding with the newly developed postal services they had the cheaper alternative of issuing the invitations in a local newspaper.

In the twenty first century, the simple and white wedding invitations cards, written by hand with an intricate calligraphy style, are replaced with the digital invitations, sent via the e-mail. The internet is a fast way of spreading information and for communication at long distances but it is not recommended for the use of issuing a wedding inviting.

The classic wedding ceremonies and reception can also be replaced by the themed weddings, becoming increasingly popular over the last decades because not all people could afford organizing their weddings in foreign and exotic locations. Another important reason is the uniqueness; the wedding day is a special day and some expect it to happen once in their lifetime so it should be celebrated in a special manner.

The themed weddings are announced with the matched theme designed wedding invitations. For example, if you are a fan of the old Wild West style you can easily choose to create a western atmosphere for you wedding party and select some western themed wedding invitations.

The wording style can also depend on the chosen wedding theme; the wording etiquette requests the use of a formal language but you have the option of matching the design of the invitation cards, such as the western design invitation cards, with an informal or non-traditional wording style, sometimes humorous and funny or simply using your own words to issue the inviting.

On the internet sites specialized with the making and selling of the wedding invitations you can find some interesting examples of western style wedding invitations; you can either choose to have them hand written, but it is a costly method so you should be prepared for some extra expenses, or you can use the cheaper method of printing: thermography. Besides being inexpensive, thermography had the great advantage of allowing the fast and production on line of unique and beautiful wedding invitations because of its raised letter effect, used also for making repetitive patterns.

The basic wedding information is about the location of the ceremony and reception, the name of the bride and groom, the date and time, the names of the wedding hosts and sometimes the RSVP for the attendance responses or the “Regrets only” expression for the non-attendance replies and a phone number for contact.

If the wedding was planned with several month in advance you can also consider sending the “save the date” invitation cards which act as a reminder but they don’t replace the formal wedding invitations; you can give a hint  about the wedding theme to your guests by selecting some western designed “save the date” invitations.

Usually the wedding invitations, with or without asking for the attendance replies, should be sent out with minimum eight or sic weeks before the planned wedding day. It is imperative to read again the written information on your western wedding invitations because the wrong use of honorifics and addressing forms or other small spelling errors are quite embarrassing.

The wedding invitations are sent in a classic double envelope or in a single one; remembers that you can also use separate cards for the RSVP or to share the information about the ceremony and/or reception or after-party.11

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