Western Wedding Dresses

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When we use the term “western” we instantly think about the western genre, that was used in the cinematographic language in order to describe portraits of cowboys, the emblematic figures of the wild, wild west, in their quest to subjugate the nature and the original inhabitants of the wild land.  Western movies were the ones that populated out childhood with their morality and the private justice that included no social order. The atmosphere of an Western movie with the characters of cowboys, with their nomadic life of a wanderer, was the one that resembles to the medieval literature where the knights fought against villains and rescued ladies in distress.

The fashion in that period of the 19th century was becoming more available to a larger part of the society. The ladies started to borrow the style from the elite that began to populate the country, and it reached at a certain moment to a combination of western style with the wire frame supported skirts. But the original dress that was favored by most of the women was the casual one, which didn’t need to be so sophisticated, considering the fact that owning a farm required dirty jobs and easy to wear dresses.

western-wedding-dressesThey had to keep up with the demanding of such a primitive, almost rough life style, and they had to wear dresses that allowed them freedom in their moves. Farming is not an easy task to perform; it involves milking cows, cleaning stables, riding horses, so that the farmer’s wife used to wear boots in order to be able to attend these dirty tasks. For their dresses they often used fabric that was dirt proof and the handy one was the blue denim fabric, the one that their husbands used to wear for their pants and shirts.

Choosing western as a theme for your wedding ceremony implies creating the whole atmosphere of a western movie set, with the classical saloon, that has to emphasize the entire essence of the theme, with a corner for a piano, girls dressed in those western times fashion, tables for gambling, a bar to serve beer and whiskey, and maybe sounds resembling gun shots, for example to mark the moment of the bride’s entrance. As to the western wedding dress, it has to be created in the way that resembles the best to those western times; in this matter, websites offer a lot of options, from white long dresses to ¾ length of a dress that can have also a blue color to imitate the blue color of the well-known blue-jeans that cowboys used to wear.

Some accessories complete the western wedding dress, the classical cowboy hat, the wide rimmed hat with the sides turned up, and the thing that became in time a characteristic for cowboys outfit, the cowboy boots. Today these accessories, as well as the wedding dresses designed in an western fashion are to be found in a richness of creations, some replicating the exact western dress or others combining elements of the new with the classical western design. But whatever it is, the western wedding dress can make you look trendy for the western themed wedding.11

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