Wedding Weekly #9: What Wedding Guests Hate, DIY Cake Toppers & The Photographer Who Turns You Into A Pocket-Size Bride

DIY Editorial | August 05 2016 | by Mary | 0 Comments

Thanks for tuning in to read yet another awesome edition of Wedding Weekly. This week, we bring you 2 more awesome DIY tutorials for every bride who is passionate with crafting and ready to take her wedding planning matters into her own hands. In addition to that, we have 2 interesting articles that will approach more delicate wedding-related issues.

1. This article was one of my favorites this week, mostly because it approaches the painful matter of having to spend so much money when you are asked to be a bridesmaid at someone’s wedding. The article is dressed as an anonymous interview and, I have to warn you, the number at the end can be a bit depressing: [Refinery29]

2. Wedding planners get an incredible amount of insight into what wedding guests don’t like simply by listening to what goes on around us during the wedding weekend. Even a well-planned wedding can be unpleasant if the couple doesn’t plan ahead for some necessary contingencies. Here’s Sandy Malone’s (one of the most awesome wedding planners EVER!) 2 cents on the things that wedding guests hate the most: [Brides]

3. This is an article that I absolutely had to share. Thai wedding photographer Ekkachai Saelow takes regular wedding and engagement photos out of their natural settings and transports them into the larger-than-life world of his imagination. I can’t even begin to describe these photos, so just take a look and see for yourself: [PetaPixel]

4. One of this week’s tutorials is so neat, that you can even use it for interior or exterior home decorations and not just for wedding parties. It’s a video that shows you how to make string ball decorations in a matter of minutes and with little to no expense (chances are you already have the materials lying somewhere around the house):

5. The last surprise in store for you today is an amazing video which is going to teach you how to make a cute set of wedding cake toppers in less than 15 minutes. The video explains the step-by-step process, as well as the materials required and a glimpse of the final result. Enjoy!

That about wraps it up and stay tuned for our next edition of Wedding Weekly!

Stay awesome an amazing weekend!

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