Wedding Weekly #7: Decorating Your Cake, Emotional Altar Moment and the Woman Who Faked Her Own Wedding

DIY Editorial | June 17 2016 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Welcome to the 7th edition of Wedding Weekly, your source of helpful, emotional, funny and juicy wedding-related articles and videos across the web. It’s been a while since you last heard from us (don’t worry, we haven’t been lying around doing nothing), but we’ve been working on some pretty awesome wedding-related courses for brides. But more about that in another article.

Let’s get down to business and check out what’s new in the wedding world.

1. We’re going to kick off this newsletter with a video that touched our hearts. This heartfelt video of a groom sobbing his heart out as his bride walked down the aisle has the Internet welling up. Gabriel Deku, 25, became so overwhelmed when he caught a glimpse of his beautiful wife-to-be, Annabelle, walking down the aisle that he could barely look at her. Here is his reaction:

2. Next up, we have another awesome DIY video that went viral. The video shows how to front and decorate a small wedding cake in next to no time:

Also, if you want a link to the recipe, here it is.

3. The next link is about an article that we wrote because this is one of the most unusual wedding experiences you’re ever going to hear about. It’s about a woman who faked her own wedding. I know, you may think that she did it out of embarrassment or need to show off or some other similar feeling, but she actually did it for plenty of right reasons. Read the story of Naomi Harris by clicking here.

4. Here’s a piece of advice for the groom: do your homework to learn the difference between a suit and a tux before buying any of them. We’ve written an article that will pin point the differences between these 2 piece of clothing, so you can stay well informed before making a choice. You can read it here.

5. Last, but no least, we found an article definitely worth sharing. You know how when you start planning a wedding, everyone starts giving you free advice on all sorts of topics that you would eventually figure out yourself? Here’s an article that quite counter-intuitive when it comes to wedding advice from OffbeatBride.

Hope you enjoyed your weekly dose of weddings. No worries, we’ll be back next week with more!

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