Wedding Weekly #6: The Royal Couple and Avoid Crying At Your Wedding

Editorial | May 06 2016 | by Mary | 0 Comments

Hi again,

The weekend is upon us, with plenty of time to relax and maybe plan that wedding a little more…? First of all, we want to say a big thanks to you all for being such an amazing community. This week, we hosted our third webinar and things are getting more awesome with each webinar. We’re really happy to have you with us at each webinar and we’re glad we can help you with your wedding planning.

Time to wrap up this week with cool new ideas, news and tips from the wonderful world of weddings:

1. Out first tip-of-the-week is related to a common, natural, but possibly frustrating issue: crying at your own wedding. We can all agree that this day will be a roller coaster of emotions. You’ll probably get to see a lot of people that you haven’t seen in a while, you will be the center of attention but, most importantly, you will marry the person that you love most in the world and start a whole new life together. Tears are quite a natural thing, but there are a number of reasons to restrain them and here is how: click here for our article.

2. This week, Prince William and Kate Middleton are celebrating their 5th year wedding anniversary and the internet is making a big fuss over it. After all, they are a world-wide iconic couple which can set an example for a lot of us. Psychologist Judi James analyzed photographs of the Duke and Duchess to reveal if those 5 years have taken a positive or negative impact on their marriage. Here is a collection of the best photos of the royal couple: Mirror UK.

3. You may have forgotten about it, but the guest book is quite a popular item at weddings. It’s a fancy notebook with blank pages where your guests have to write something down for you. They could be anything from short memories that you share and up to wishes for a happy life together. This guest book is often replaced with cards that are handed out, written and then placed in a beautifully decorated box. This makes the messages more private, rather than having a notebook open on a table and having each guest poke around to see what the others wrote. No, you shouldn’t spend too much money on this box, because it’s super easy to make one by yourself:

4. Last, but not least, I want to share an article related to my favorite part of planning a wedding: the honeymoon. From Australia to Africa to America’s National Parks, the 16 travel destinations of 2016 are all ripe for the romantic adventure of a lifetime. Check out this link for dreamy hotels, destinations and adventures that just might become your new ultimate honeymoon fantasy:

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