Wedding Weekly #2: Billion dollar wedding, sincerest wedding vows and the dress that comes to life

Editorial | April 01 2016 | by Mary | 0 Comments

I have to tell you, I’m really beginning to enjoy writing these weekly newsletters. Probably because wedding related stuff is so much fun to look at! To me, it’s an excuse to browse the internet and discover some of the most amazing wedding related trends and news (yes, you can call it “gossip” if you like) and I just love sharing the best ones with you at the end of each work-week.

But first, I have some really great news. We’re re-doing the “How to choose the best wedding photographer” webinar! Why? Because lots of people wrote to us, sad for having missed it because we scheduled it too early in the day (we have a lot of time zones to cover and we’ll think of a solution for the future). Others told us they wanted to reserve their seats, but the 200 available slots had already been booked. Sorry about that, but we want to make sure every one of your questions gets answered, so we’ll continue to have limited seats for our future webinars. But we’re also planning on adding some sort of “Video on demand” option, so stick around.

I am also pleased to say that we are working on 2 completely new webinars, which you can also attend live (and, for free) in the near future.

Without further ado, let’s move on to this week’s hot wedding articles!

1. The best thing we’ve seen this week is the Intel-chip dress or, as like to call it, “the dress that comes to live”. There are no words to describe the awesomeness of such a dress, so I’ll let you check out the video:

2. We’ve done quite a lovely piece for every lovely petite bride out there. Believe me, I know it never comes easy to choosing the right clothes when you’re short in height (I measure 1.58…in meters), so we’ve put together a series of tips for all the little treasures that are about to get married. You can read it by clicking here.

3. I dream of a wedding where I can spend big. That probably won’t happen, since I don’t have an unlimited budget, but a girl can dream, can’t she? Well, for some people, no wedding expense is too high. Obviously, if you can afford to have J.Lo and Enrique singing at your wedding, a $25,000 is easy-peasy to pay for. Read the full story on DailyMail.

4. Another thing we absolutely fell in love with this week is Taylor Swift’s wedding speech. No, she didn’t get married, but her BFF did. Taylor was a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding and she didn’t fail to deliver. She remembered some of the precious moments the two had spent together and on an emotional day such as a wedding, it was just the push people needed to take our their tissues. Read the full story on PopSugar.

5. Last, but not least, don’t be fooled by the 9gag source, this article is actually quite true. We’ve found the sincerest, cutest and real-life wedding vows that someone could ever think of. My personal favorite is “I vow to make sure we aren’t just hungry before yelling at each other.”. Click here for more.

Thanks for reading our second edition of our Wedding Weekly and have a warm and wonderful weekend!

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