Wedding Weekly #1: Wedding fails, cultural diversity and DIY proposal boxes

DIY Editorial | March 25 2016 | by Mary | 0 Comments

Weekend’s-a-knockin` so I bet you’re all excited to wrap up this week’s work. So in an attempt to make this day go away easier, we’re starting a new section on, called Wedding Weekly. Each Friday we will gather a few stories for you that we believe are somehow the highlights of the week. So whether there will be some celebrity wedding, an extremely useful “How to” or DIY video or just a funny story, we’ll share all these with you.

First of all, let us say that we’re still overwhelmed by your reactions to last week’s webinar. It’s amazing to see how many of you joined us, liked what your heard and also took your time to drop us a few words about the experience. Of course, the webinar wasn’t perfect, but with all your great feedback we’re sure it will only get better. We were also quite surprised to see professional photographers joining us for the webinar and giving us a second point of view, that of the photographer.

And since we received quite a few requests and questions if the webinar will be held at a later date and perhaps a different hour, we want to let you know that we’ve decided to hold another live webinar dedicated to choosing your wedding photographer. So save the date, April 6th. We haven’t decided what time yet, but stick around and we’ll let you know the moment we reach a decision. You can also contact us for any questions you might have about the previous or the next webinar (just use our contact page).

Now let’s see some great stuff we stumbled across this week for our Wedding Weekly #1.

1. First, here’s a very amusing video that you may have missed on our Facebook page. This video is a hilarious collage of the worst bridal nightmares, a.k.a. huge wedding fails. P.S.: I honestly can’t decide which one is worse. Maybe #4…?

2. People will tell you that weddings hosted inside a venue are far more beautiful and elegant compared to tent-weddings. Don’t listen to them. In case you’re wedding venue is a large and beautifully decorated tent, here’s are some dreamy wedding tent ideas that might get your gears spinning in a new direction: click here.

3. I love reading about wedding traditions and superstitions. They give you great cultural knowledge and they’re related to my favorite topic: weddings. Some of them are funny, others straight-out weird, but we found these 50 wedding traditions totally shareable on TheKnot.

4. Have you proposed to your bridesmaids yet? If not, here are some DIY proposal boxes that are made to impress: click here for the article.

That’s it, hope you enjoyed our first edition of Wedding Weekly and looking forward to seeing you next week. Oh, and one more thing…if you happen to stumble across a story, a great photo gallery or a video that you think would look great on our Wedding Weekly article, please drop us a line here.

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