Wedding Songs For Mother And Groom

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The wedding reception is all about good food and dancing. So, you should keep in mind that besides the first dance you will also have to coordinate a mother-son and a father-daughter dance. That means you will have to choose the right song by the side of your loved ones and even practice once or twice in order to make sure the moment will be as emotional or as fun as you want it to be. The only problem is that finding the right song can prove to be pretty challenging. That’s because most likely you want to use a song that’s meaningful when it comes to the relationship between you and your mother and in the same time not too emotional because you definitely don’t want everyone to start crying.

Wedding Songs For Mother And Groom

Wedding Songs For Mother And Groom (Photo by: Graham Dean)

So, if you want to make the right choices you should start by analyzing the relationship between you and your mother. If you’ve always been close you will feel the need to choose another song than for the situation when the relationship has been challenged by quite a few things. As important is to make sure you are aware of your mother’s favorite music genres and artists.


You can’t just choose to go with your favorite music because your mother’s opinion is just as important when it comes to the mother-son dance. I also recommend you to try and choose a mother-son dance that works with the other songs chosen for the special dances of the evening. In addition, if a professional DJ will be attending your wedding you should ask his/her opinion and have him/her make a list of the songs he/she finds most suitable. Based on that list you might find it easier to choose the perfect mother-son song by the side of your mother.

Wedding Songs For Mother And Groom

Wedding Songs For Mother And Groom (Photo by: Quinn Dombrowski)

When it comes to actual titles, you should know that the list of possibilities is not short at all. There are many artists and many music genres that have approached in their songs the relationship between mothers and sons, so you will definitely find something that will interest you. For instance, you should consider going for a Boyz II Men single known as “A Song for Mama”. Like the titles announces, this song includes lyrics dedicated to mothers and their influence in their sons’ life, so it’s definitely suitable for the mother-son dance. I also think you should consider “Blessed” by Elton John and a Barry Manilow performance entitled “I Am Your Child”. As you can see most of the songs I’ve mentioned until now are written from the perspective of the son. If you want to also include on your list of possibilities songs that are written from a mother’s perspective, you should consider options like “I Wish You Love” by Natalie Cole. Every mother wants what’s best for her son, especially on his wedding day, so this song will definitely add the right amount of emotion to the perfect mother-son dance that you want to enjoy.

Other options that you should consider are “You’ve Got A Friend” by James Taylor and a Josh Groban hit entitled “You Raised Me Up”.


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