Wedding Songs And The 40's

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There are certain love songs that were launched years ago and still impress the audience every single time they are played. Those are love songs that should be included on every list of wedding songs because they promise to keep the guests on the dance floor. So, if you want to make sure everyone at the wedding reception has a great time, you should consider including on the list of songs some performances from the 1940s. The 1940s are responsible for quite a few important events as well as for some quality music signed by Lorenz Hart, Irving Berlin and Richard Rodgers. That’s why finding 1940s songs suitable for a wedding won’t be much of a challenge. Here are a few of the titles that you should definitely have in mind.

Wedding Songs And The 40's

Wedding Songs And The 40's (Photo by: Joelk75)

I must start by mentioning “Again”. This love song is the result of collaboration between Lionel Newman and Dorcas Cochran and was even included on the soundtrack of a movie (“Road House”). You will find this song in the interpretation of many artists including Doris Day. In every version you will be impressed by the same lyrics that talk about the uniqueness of love. Your wedding is supposed to be an event that doesn’t happen more than once in your lifetime, so you should entirely take advantage of the thrill that it involves.


Another love song from the 1940s that works great for a wedding is “Day by Day”. This song is a 1945 hit that was originally recorded by Clydine Jackson. Later on, it became available in a Frank Sinatra version. What doesn’t change no matter the version is the beauty of the lyrics that make this song suitable even for the first dance of the happy couple. That’s because they are conceived as a love declaration from one lover to the other. That declaration is all about growing love and total devotion.

“Have I Told You Lately that I Love You” is another option that falls in the same category of songs that are suitable for the first dance. It’s a country song that was recorded even by Elvis Presley, so you will definitely find it in a version suitable for your taste. It’s a simple love song that gives you the chance to tell your beautiful wife one more time that you love her with all your heart now and forever.

Wedding Songs And The 40's

Wedding Songs And The 40's (Photo by: Kona Gallagher)

Another 1940s hit that I consider suitable for a wedding is “I Don’t Want To Walk Without You”. This song was published in 1941 and was brought to the status of successful single by Harry James. The lyrics of this song talk about the intensity of love that makes us don’t want to spend not even a second away from the one we truly love. Similar when it comes to the message sent is yet another 1940s love song known as “You Belong To My Heart”. On the day of our wedding we want to be surer than ever that we are making the right choice, so this song definitely sets the right tone. That’s why I recommend it.


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