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The displaying of your wedding is supposed to last longer than a usual wedding celebration therefore you have to consider the option of purchasing the flowers that last longer in the décor of your wedding event. In this regard you have browsed all by yourself for the flowers that last long, but you have not come across the blooms that you have selected to represent you and your beloved one in the atmosphere of your wedding: the cornflower and the blue iris.

You have chosen these two blossoms in the floral ambient of your wedding festivity because each of them means something for you: for instance, cornflower, the blue one is the flower that belonged to your German grandparents, your grandpa being the one to favor it as he always said that this blue blossom used to be an inspiration for the Romantic symbol of the German writers. He even used to read you a lot from Goethe when you was a child and even if those words didn’t make too much of a sense in your little girl’s mind, your grandpa came all the time with fabulous stories to complete the readings in an accessible way leaving your mind and heart to dream beautiful for the rest of the night.

On the other hand, blue iris is the flower that has the stylization of French royalty (your groom’s grandparents being French by birthplace) inside its blooming, and it is also the one to have gathered the meanings of faith, wisdom and hope. You are both sentimentally connected to the existence of your grandparents since your childhood was spent next to them, and you feel more related to them than to your parents. And both of you have decided to celebrate your wedding with some elements included in that way that they may honor the presence of your grandparents in one way or another.
This is another reason that you expressly come up with the choice of blue silk wedding flowers cornflower and iris: you want for these blooms to last longer both inside the wedding unfolding and many years after the wedding event has ended.  You want to have two of your wedding silk floral decorations presented as a gift for your grandparents for the fact they have attended to your event, and for thanking them to have them as exceptional grandparents.

The selection of these silk made blooms has to be combined with choices of other colors of various artificial blooms, but you search for the ones to look natural in photos and while present in your hands when you will hold the bridal bouquet containing blue silk wedding flowers cornflower and iris. In this matter you consult with the local florist who regretfully announces you that the choice of silk cornflower is not among his floral arrangements, but he can assist you in ordering online for the specific ones.
The bridal bouquet will be the one to comprise together with the blue cornflower and blue iris the choice of white roses and carnations and some green accents to complement the overall aspect of the bouquet conferring it at the same time the sparkle of naturalness that the silk-made flowers lack. The table arrangements will be taken care of and for the table of your grandparents a special floral decoration will wait for them, decoration that later after the party ends they will take home with them as an immortalized moment of the present carried into the future.11

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  1. Svetlana

    April 10, 2010 at 4:19 am

    I am really intrested in your bouquet with blue silk wedding flowers cornflower and iris, the photo above, is their anyway I may purchase it somewhere?

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