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Wedding Dresses | February 07 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Brides who already shopped for the special wedding dress for the ceremony and still aren’t pleased with the fact that the dress might not suit the wedding reception as well, can always go shop again! Isn’t that a harmless pleasure? Well, for those brides who afford to have two different wedding dresses for the same wedding won’t be that difficult and stressful to buy another dress for the evening reception.

If your wedding dress is too simple or, contrary, too elaborated for an evening wedding party, then you have to search for a more suitable and comfortable wedding reception dress. Most brides fear that they won’t be able to move in a very sophisticated dress and that is why they search for something more casual but still elegant and chic.

The ceremony wedding dress can always be simple, light, decent and elegant, that is why many brides choose it fro the wedding reception as well. In fact, when they go shopping, the first thing that they do search for is a casual, stylish and comfortable wedding dress to match any theme and type of wedding.

The dancing part is one of the most important things that a bride must take into account when purchasing for a wedding dress. No one wants to wear something too tight, too formal, too exquisite, too elaborated, too layered or too complex and heavy. That is why you ca always find practical, beautiful, unique, charming and feminine wedding reception dresses to suit any kind of movement. Wedding reception dresses are usually a little more attractive, sexy and appealing.

Those of you who intend to wear different wedding dresses for the big day, one for the ceremony and one for the reception is always free to choose any style of wedding reception dress she wants. Some of you dream of wearing something more comfortable, sexy and short for the evening party, while some of you like to use the same elaborated and fluffy gown for the reception party. There are lots of brides-to-be who are not very into dancing and having wild fun thing that is why they choose a sophisticated and complex wedding reception dress.

But despite taking care of fulfilling your desires, when choosing the right wedding reception dress also depends on other criterions as well, such as the location of the wedding reception. You have to match the type of the restaurant, local room or any other location in which you’re going to spend the wedding reception party with the type of your wedding reception dress. It’s very important to choose something as elegant or simple as the local is. You don’t want to risk appearing in a very sophisticated and glamorous wedding reception dress in a very modest and decent reception place.11

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  1. jolie

    May 09, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    I will make sure I will make a good choice of my wedding dress, since I cannot afford to buy two wedding dresses. And as you said, it is very important to be able to dance at the reception in the dress, especially for me, who I love dancing. So I will have to find that dress that would fit both the reception and the ceremony. I even considered an extra train, after reading one of your articles, but it’s not what I want. I would like something very very comfortable for the whole day and I think a dress like the first one you posted here is very suitable for what I want. I wonder if the line would fit me, I never tried this kind of dress before.

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