Wedding Reception Backyard Barbecue

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It’s fun to spend the wedding day in your own backyard. Many couples choose to follow this route, as a creative and affordable one. You must think of a theme before starting anything. Backyard wedding receptions can feature a natural theme or they can be more glam and formal. There are plenty of ideas at this chapter. These types of affairs are in general more casual and relaxed than the usual. This is precisely why the couple can afford to make the reception feel more fun and inviting for the guests. Backyard weddings are full of fun activities and cheerful moments.

The wedding can be held at your place or in someone’s backyard. This means cutting down many wedding costs. Besides this, backyard weddings are more memorable than formal restaurant nuptials. You can a lot of freedom when it comes to decoration and food. Many experts in field say that backyard wedding receptions can be build around a barbecue. The food can be simple and light or more sophisticated, for gourmet guests. Barbecue weddings are inexpensive, personal and extremely inviting for the participants and the newlyweds. There are many traditional elements you can use to create a laid-back wedding setting in your own backyard.

Wedding Reception Backyard Barbecue

Wedding Reception Backyard Barbecue (Photo by: Ismar Badzic)

Food is the most important factor of an outdoors wedding after all. It’s kind of imperative to have spicy food when hosting a barbecue wedding reception. The meals must be prepared ahead of time. This means marinating the meats you will use for the barbecue and chop the veggies. The ingredients must be purchased and get ready for grilling ahead. You may need to hire a grill master to handle this field properly. Use a larger grilling surface to make sure that the meals are easily prepared. You can buy sliced beef, pork and chicken at affordable prices. To make the meat more delicious, use caramelized onion, brie and pineapples and other toppings.

Don’t forget to add a fresh salads and fruits to the menus. It’s also important to prepare a few delicious homemade desserts. Create fruit pies, tortes and other appetizing treats for your guest. You can make marshmallows, cupcakes, brownies and French macarons. There are many ways to decorate a backyard wedding planned with a barbecue theme. Use bright color paper lanterns, garlands and other crafty decorations to make the atmosphere more romantic and festive. Use lavender for the table centerpieces to chase the insects away. The setting must be simple and cheap. The colors you select must be lively and soft in the same time. Make sure that you take care of the garden properly in advance for the wedding. Grow flowers and plants to make the setting more luxurious and opulent.


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