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When planning for such a big and special event as the wedding day, one must find the perfect way to do it right. Especially if you are considering planning the whole wedding thing on your own, without hiring any specialist or a wedding planner to do it for you, just be careful and set some limits and goals. Lots of brides and grooms-to-be-married can’t afford to hire a wedding consultant and therefore they have to participate entirely in creating the most beautiful and well organized wedding day.
It’s not a very easy thing to do and sometimes it can actually stress and consume anyone’s mind and heart with all the amount of details and things to take care of. To avoid a panic situation, just take it step by step and behave calmly. Involve as many relatives and friends as you can in managing the wedding planning process and confide in each one of them that they will help you get it done properly and on time. If you decide to involve your family’s help, make sure that you communicate with them properly about any single aspect of the wedding that you would prefer in a certain way or another.

To get started with the planning, make a list on which you set some basic wedding planning goals. This is very important hence you are not experienced and you are planning such a grandiose event for the first time. It’s important to know that planning a wedding is not something to joke about. You can’t start planning it with two month before the wedding day because you won’t make it. That is why you have to respect certain wedding planner goals that can refer to the time and date, budget limitations, personalized decorations, vendor and caterers appointments and meetings. There are lots of items to manage and the time is the most vital element that you must keep in track.

You can become overwhelmed at some point therefore it would be better to make a plan for each step of the wedding’s organization. You have to make sure that your wedding day has a date and a time, a ceremony church, a reception hall, a beautiful and themed wedding cake and bridal dress, a certain table arrangement in the reception room, a great food menu and lots of unique flowers and other decoration elements that could fit your wedding thematic. You have to make sure that your wedding planner goals lists includes invitations cards, bands and music for the party and maybe some honeymoon destination orientations. So, if you don’t want to have any bad surprises, start planning your wedding day with at least a year before the special day. Choose the theme of the wedding, the bridal dress, the locations and menu. The rest will follow and spin around these main objectives.11

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