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The themed weddings have become popular in these last years so usually even the wording style or the envelope design has to match with the wedding theme.

In the middle ages the invitations to a wedding were mostly verbalized or issued out loud. There were several factors responsible for this form of inviting but the important one is that people were basically just too poor and uneducated to write and read the wedding invitations and occupy their time with such methods of entertainment.

The invitations gained huge popularity in the renaissance era and until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the wedding invitations were sent only in the private circles of the French and English aristocracies because only the members of the high class society and royalty had the necessary education.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, especially when this custom had reached the shores of the United States, people from almost all social ranks could afford sending wedding invitations but they also had the option of making the wedding announcement in a local or national newspaper.

The wedding invitations have their long history and have evolved from the simple and white wedding card to the intricate and colorful designs, mass produced with the help of different technologies and printing techniques so numerous samples of invitations can be found online, available for sale.

Nowadays, new printing methods such as thermography made the wedding invitations cheaper and available for all budgets. I suggest purchasing them directly from online manufacturers because on their internet sites you may find an overwhelming variety of online wedding invitations samples with different and unique designs and patterns, color combinations, shapes and sizes just perfect for your wedding budget. You also have the alternative of personalizing your selected wedding invitations if you want some one-of-a-kind invitations to announce a special event such as your wedding day.

Design is important but the wording used in sharing the general information about the wedding ceremony and reception is also important so the invitations should contain the name of the wedding location, the address and some directional signs or an added printed map if the location is unfamiliar for your guests; the name of the wedding hosts and the name of the bride and groom, the time and date of the reception and ceremony. Other details may be about the theme of the wedding and if a special outfit is requested, if after the ceremony you plan an after-party or reception and the RSVP.

The wording online samples for the wedding invitations are numerous but in general the wedding etiquette demands the use of a formal language to issue the inviting. The modern and less strict alternative is the use of an informal and non-traditional wording style such as a humorous or funny wording or by starting the invitations with some favorite verses or quotes or expressing in your own words the feelings you have for your future life partner.

The wedding invitations can be sent out in the classical double envelope or in a single one but before sealing them inside you should check if the written information is correct or search for any spelling mistakes or errors in using the correct form of addressing or the wrong honorifics.

If you see an added RSVP on the wedding invitations or on a separate card that basically means that the couple requests an attendance response and if only the non-attendance responses are expected they will replace the RSVP with the expression “Regrets only”.

The recommended period time of mailing out the wedding invitations before the actual wedding day would be with ten to eight weeks in advance or minimum six weeks. If you have planned the wedding in advance you have the option of sending a “save the date” wedding card with the general information about the upcoming wedding. It is the popular method of reminding your guests in advance that an important event will take place in the near future and they should prepare an attendance response for it.11

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