Wedding Invitation Wording Asking For Monetary Gifts Instead Of Gifts

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The custom of sending wedding invitations dates back several centuries ago when the members of the high society and royalty members made it popular, first in their private social circles. At the beginning of the twentieth century this custom was adopted by people from all social ranks, including the lower ones; now no longer the wealthy could afford sending wedding invitations but all people who benefited of education.
Even today, the best method of announcing a wedding is with the help of the old and simple wedding invitations.

Nowadays, the simple and white design of the wedding invitation cards was replaced by the colorful ones with intricate designs, patterns, sizes and shapes. Sometimes the theme of a wedding can be hinted with the help of an invitation card and its matched design.

The color of the ink used for writing them should always create an interesting contrasting effect with the predominant color of the invitation card. Thermography, since its development, still remains the best method of printing the invitations especially the wedding invitations because it is a fast and cheap method and creates beautiful invitation cards with its raised letter effect. The alternative is an expensive one which was popular back in the beginning: the hand written wedding invitation with an intricate calligraphy style. If you can not afford such a technique try printing them by using some old letter fonts to give a hand written appearance.

The wedding invitation come in a wide variety so you can directly purchase them from online manufacturers or have the option of personalizing the cards just to make sure they are unique and one-of-a-kind; because of that large variety you can always find something just perfect for your wedding without worrying that you might need some extra expanses, apart from your decided wedding budget.

The wording etiquette for the wedding invitations demands the use of formal and traditional language fit for announcing such an event; only the basic information you might find necessary for your guests should be mentioned: the names of the bride and groom, the names of the wedding hosts, the location of the ceremony and reception and an address, sometimes with a printed map and directional signs, the date and time of the ceremony and reception.

It is considered extremely socially incorrect and a sign of disrespect to mention about gifts on invitations or in any part of them, for that matter, because the general theory is that you should never expect something from your friends apart from their presence. Never mention the name of a charity for donations, never list where you are registered and never mention the desire for money rather than presents. Share this information only by word via the family members of members of the bridal party.

The names of the wedding hosts are very important and should also be mentioned on the invitation because in general the hosts pay for the wedding and are responsible with the whole planning of the wedding.

The RSVP, which comes from the French expression “répondez s’il vous plait”, should be added on the invitation card or on a separate one only if the couple may find the attendance response necessary for the final planning of the wedding. If they would like to receive only the non-attendance responses, instead of the RSVP they should write “Regret only” and add a phone number for contact.

This leads us to the alternative for the formal wording: the use of non-traditional language to issue the invitation. This basically means that the couple can choose to express the inviting using their own words or language formulas. They can add some favorite quotes or verses, they can use a humorous language but the important part is to always make sure there aren’t any spelling mistakes or wrong uses of honorifics which may lead to some minor embarrassments with your invited guests.

The recommended time to send or mail out the wedding invitations, especially if an attendance reply is expected, is of ten to eight weeks or minimum six weeks before the actual wedding day.

”The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage uniting Sara Ellen and Nicholas James on Saturday, the fifth of July, two thousand eleven, at six o’clock in the evening, St. Marc’s Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Adult reception immediately following the ceremony.”11

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