Wedding Invitation Trends In 2014

Wedding Invitations | June 26 2014 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Wedding invitations basically touch on the cards sent out. The presentation of the wedding cards you come up with will hint or give the invited guests a clear indication of the theme style, theme colors, and the decor. The year 2014 brings with it more personalization. People are going for more personalized card looks therefore we see experimentation with colors and bright ones are use much more too. We are talking here about modern colors such as tropical, aqua, fuchsia, pink, gold and grey. This trend is contrasted to the more conservative white and grey colors frantically scrambled for in keeping with hot 2013 trends.

Wedding invtation trends in 2014

Rustic themes remain a good part of the designs on cards this year. We can mention burlap with ribbon bow designs gracing the front faces of the cards. Lace patterns can be observed neatly cut out on the card making intricate, elegant designs. You can also get printed lace patterns for those opting for more economical designs with strong statement finishes. Floral designs have been floated in lush flowered card designs. Vintage is still an important theme in this year’s wedding cards too. Watch out for cards with ribbons and a tiny rustic jeweled button that speak for the elegant and sumptuous style. Classic lovers go for nicely flourished patterns on their cards.

Textures are also evolving from smooth to more complicated, patterned and coarse. The rougher it gets, the more vintage the theme suggested. Wedding card stationery is an important avenue of expression. A good choice will tone up the theme and complete the suite. Therefore wedding card stationery should relay on the wedding theme and give others a hint of what’s hot this season.

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