Wedding Hair Updo With Veil

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If you want to wear a veil on your wedding day, you will have to make sure the one chosen works for the wedding dress purchased as well as for the hairstyle that you have in mind. There are actually two possibilities: you can first choose a veil that you really like and then find a hairstyle that’s perfect for supporting it, or you can first choose the hairstyle and then focus on choosing a suitable veil. Either way, if you play your cards right you will be able to look gorgeous on your wedding day.

For instance, if you are interested in an up-do, you should consider choosing the so-called fingertip type of veil. This veil is pretty popular among modern brides because its length makes it perfect for obtaining a slimming effect. As its name says, the length is just generous enough to touch your fingertips. This veil looks best secured to a stylish up-do because its length makes it in need of a reliable support. In addition, it’s a type of veil that’s supposed to fall in the back and leave your face and neck exposed. That’s why you should consider pairing it with a bun created on top of the head.

Wedding Hair Updo With Veil

Wedding Hair Updo With Veil (Photo by: Lachlan Hardy)

If you are interested in wearing a cage veil that’s pretty short, covering and framing the face, you should opt for a low and simple up-do. That’s because in this case you need to make sure the length of the veil matches the length of the hairstyle. A low up-do is most suitable because it’s sophisticated and helps you achieve the kind of look you had in mind when you chose to invest in a cage veil.

For the brides passionate about the Spanish-style veil known as the mantilla veil I recommend a sleek up-do meant to gather all your hair in the back and beautifully secure it. You can actually wear this veil in one of two styles: you can use it as a blusher or choose to securely attach it to the crown of your head. Either way, this simple yet elegant up-do remains the best way to beautifully complete your look.

You should also think about using as hairstyle a chignon. When deciding to base your hairstyle with veil on a chignon or a bun most important is the position you choose for the bun/chignon. That position will help the chosen veil fall in a certain manner. You can attach the veil in the back of the chignon/bun, or secure it in the front with a stylish tiara.


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