Wedding Hair And Makeup Cost

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We all want our wedding day look to be perfect but sometimes budgets get in the way of dreams. That’s why you should try to be as realistic as possible when determining the budget that you will have to make available for your wedding. So, in order to be able to afford the hair and makeup session that will complete your bridal look, you should be aware of the prices on the market.

You should first of all know that a hair and makeup session usually costs at least $70. For the money you will enjoy a one-time makeup application and the services of a hairstylist that will be ready to complete your look with an up-do or a partial up-do. The downside is that in order to benefit from these services you will have to visit the salon of these professionals. If you don’t want to do that on your wedding day and you want to benefit from professional services, you will have to make available a budget of at least $150. The prices skyrocket to budgets of $350, $500 and even more if you want to have your makeup and your hair done by a big-name artist. For that kind of money such an artist will come to your wedding and you will even stick around in order to make your hair and makeup looks great in all the photos taken.

Wedding Hair And Makeup Cost

Wedding Hair And Makeup Cost (Photo by: Costin Thampikutty)

I must also add that the price you will have to pay for wedding hair and makeup also varies based on the area where you live. If your wedding will be accommodated by a large city you can end up having to make available even triple the average budget necessary for the makeup and hairstyle session necessary on the wedding day. No matter how well known the professional you hire is, you should also expect him/her to charge more in order to travel to your wedding location and stick around for the photo session of interest. All these factors lead to an average wedding hair and makeup cost estimated at $183.

It’s also important to consider a consultation and even a trial. That’s because it’s quite impossible to choose the perfect hairstyle and makeup on the actual wedding day. Fortunately, certain suppliers of such services make available the trial and the consultation for free. In other cases you will have to spend even more than $100 in order to make sure you choose the perfect hairstyle and makeup with months or at least weeks before the wedding. Don’t forget about the tip that you should consider providing and the cost of hair accessories.


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