Wedding Guest Gift Bag Ideas

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The wedding is the event on which everyone gets together to celebrate the union between two people that love each other dearly and are hoping that faith will allow them to spend their lives together. It is the job of the couple to invite all of their loved ones and to make them feel welcome and joyful. A very good way of making the guests feel really wanted there is by getting ready gift bags.

These are a more interesting and fuller type of favors, containing more than one item. You have to know that choosing to get gift bags instead of wedding favors will not necessarily be more expensive. Shopping in the right way will help you save more than a few dollars. In the article that follows, we will talk about some basic items that can become a simple wedding gift bag that can impress everyone.

Wedding Guest Gift Bag Idea (source:

Wedding Guest Gift Bag Idea (source:

The first suggestion for a gift bag is a combination between some room décor items. You can opt for a beautiful frame with two photo slots. In the first one you should place a photo of the couple with a short message such as “Thanks for coming!” and in the other, put nothing, for the recipient to place in a personal photo. Along this, get an ordinary white candle, in a medium size. Pack them in tulle or in a simple paper bag and it will leave the right impression. Another choice is to purchase some delicious treats. Get black or milk chocolate and stay away from nuts because many people are allergic. If the wedding has a theme, some well though food will make a delightful gift bag. A very innovative idea is to get some spices in beautiful containers. Moreover, you can use small jars of gourmet fruit jelly or gems. Even if they don’ look like much, they are both useful and attractive. Another ingredient you should avoid is coconut or meat; the first one produces allergies while the second can never be a part of a delicious gift bag. If you want to make it memorable, buying some handmade good is the perfect choice. Some homemade soap or home decorations will make everyone smile and cherish what they got. Because of its unique nature, each bag is not compulsory to be identical to the next.

Personilized Gift Bags (

Personilized Gift Bags (

If you don’t have any idea from where to purchase all of the items we have shown above, you should know that you can shop for them online. Here are some store recommendations: Red Envelope , Personalization Mall and Novica.


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