Wedding Dresses With Colored Floral Embellishments

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In modern tradition the wedding dresses leave behind the concept according to which white is the compulsory color for wedding gown. There are new tends in defining the “wedding white” as nuances of cream derived from eggshells, ecru and ivory. But these trends come also with the cultural background that influences the brides’ decisions in choosing the color for the bridal dress. If you need some reliable tips on buying a beautiful wedding dress without spending a fortune, check out our complete wedding planning course that will even teach you how to save money.

For example, Eastern Culture have colors that relate to different state of mind of future to be marital couple, this aspect being an important factor in creating the gowns. Dresses made in vibrant shades of red, turquoise, or hot pink, to name only a few,  are creatively combined with fabrics, designs or sparkling embellishments, characteristics that make them look different than any other wedding dresses.

wedding-dresses-with-colored-floral-embellishmentsThe Asian traditional colors of female wedding dresses are often red, ivory or hot pink; the bride opts for red saris, ghararas or shararas and change into white for the reception after. The elements of the gowns consist of a top made of ivory chiffon shirt having heavy embellishments on neckline, straps, laterals and hem. Heavy sequins work among the floral embroidery. At the bottom we find an ivory banarsi jamawar two-legged gharara that features orange and hot pink dip-dye effects.

The veil/Dupatta is heavily embellished from borders with scattered sequins all over the dupatta. Floral embroidery is enriched with beads, Swarovski crystals, cut-glass and gemstones.

Wedding dresses with colored floral embellishments need bridal trains in order to emphasize the line of a style and shade that flatters brides’ body. The train itself originates in times of Royal style with trains worn by Queens, which themselves are derived from seeing a Peacock used as royal birds.

Many brides that choose the colored floral embellishments are doing so guiding themselves after the seasons. For spring and summer brides pale pastel colors are the most favored.

For autumn brides the yellows, golds and shades of orange seem to match best the choice of the season.

Either way it’s a common fact that wedding dresses with colored floral embellishments are often more difficult to find since the best way of getting them is mostly related to special orders and implies hand made manufacture.11


  1. Corina Ballow

    January 24, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    I really am looking for a halter or strapless white & red wedding dress with beaded work or embroydery. I want it to lace up the back like a corcet! Please let me know if you have any ideas! thanks so much

  2. caitlin

    March 31, 2011 at 9:56 am

    And hand made manufacture implies a lot of money to spend on a wedding dress, especially if you want it well sewn and beautiful. But I don’t think I care. Because after I wear it, I might be able to rent it later on or sell it to shops and so it won’t be quite a waste, especially because I want something really original. I like this dress form here, I will have it for myself, but i will change the color. Black is out of the question concerning wedding dresses. But since you gave the tip about colors and seasons, I think pastel would be the most appropriate and that is fine by me. Actually, that is the best I could wish for. Now, thanks for this ideas, they were very useful.

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