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If you will soon be a mother of the bride, it's time to think of the right outfit to wear. Whatever dress you go for in the end, it has to fulfill some criteria – it has to be the right one for your body type, as well as the wedding style.

For example, if the wedding is a black tie event, you should wear a sophisticated looking dress. We suggest colors like royal purple, or even black. You simply cannot go wrong with a little black dress, no matter what kind of wedding you will be attending. If it's a summer one, the gown should be a short one, perhaps falling above the knee, and accessorized with golden jewelry and perhaps a thin belt. You should also match it with red or black pointy toes. The dress can be embellished, especially if it's a long one, made of silk or satin. We suggest the A-line cut, as it's the right choice for any silhouette. Remember, if the wedding is a formal one, you could pair your dress with a short jacket or detailed bolero – or even a blazer.

Wedding Dresses Mother

Wedding Dresses Mother (Photo by: jepoycamboy)

A summer wedding allows a more casual attire as well. For a garden wedding, we recommend a pale yellow dress with a tea length and perhaps a cute print like butterflies. As for a beach wedding, there would be nothing better than wearing a maxi dress in a strong, vibrant shade of orange or even pink. Even as a mother of a bride, you don't need to be afraid of color!

Depending on where you like to shop, your mother of the bride dress could be as cheap as $70, or much more expensive. A good idea is to shop for your outfit on the same site your daughter will get her dress from.


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