Wedding Dress Ideas

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More and more couples decide to unite their destinies in winter. There is only one drawback – the cold weather. But the advantages are countless! The lower prices for the services of photographers, organizers of weddings, limousine rental and restaurants are the main points. However, there is only one question: what the bride will wear?  This complex issue can be a wonderful opportunity to dream. Collections of foreign wedding designers are great. The French and Italian fashion maestros know the winter charm and come up with exquisite wedding dress ideas worthy of Snow Queen. Therefore, when choosing a wedding dress for winter, brides must remember that it is better to spend the honeymoon enjoying each other company, not with medicines and pills.

 Wedding Dress Ideas (Source:

Wedding Dress Ideas (Source:

The desire of any bride is to achieve the absolute perfection. And in the selection of outfits they should be aware that subzero temperatures may occur. So, if you know for sure you will walk in the cold only from the limo to the registration office, it is enough to have a fur coat or a cape. But still, it is better to expect that you have to walk through your wonderful city for a romantic snowy winter photo shoot. Therefore, the dress must be suitable for the cold season. Today, many bridal salons offer special winter wedding dresses which are made of denser fabrics such as satin or velvet, sleeves or high neck and bolero.

For a winter wedding, you can select a charming beautiful dresses with bare backs, bare shoulders, silk and lace. But in this case it is necessary to take care of warm outerwear, footwear and related accessories. First, for a wedding photo shoot in the cold, choose warm tights. Then you need to pick up shoes for a winter wedding: for example, a pair of nice boots.

 Wedding Dress Ideas (Source:

Wedding Dress Ideas (Source:

For the bride to feel warm and comfortable, it is desirable to acquire a three-dimensional scarf to match her dress. After that, it is worth thinking about outerwear.  You can also choose a fur coat to match the dress or coat, which can be either white or any color you like. If the groom is generous enough or he can afford to pamper the bride, you can keep an eye on snow-white or cream-colored mink fur. And if the budget is tight, you can buy a faux fur coat, especially as it is very fashionable.

Famous fashion designers make us happy with variety of styles, wedding dress ideas and textures, and yet, at a closer inspection, certain trends are visible. In the bridal winter collections there are used organza, lace, chiffon, silk, satin or tulle. Most designers offer wedding dresses without the traditional veil, favoring the hair jewelry or a simple hair style.


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