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Using some silver looking chandlers for your wedding table look is perfect if you have a vintage inspired theme. If you are looking for decoration items that will be suitable for a very romantic and whimsical wedding décor, then these chandeliers are the perfect choice. You can rent them which will be a lot less expensive or you can buy them. They can be found in all kinds of shops. Their sizes vary and so do their designs. Some of these chandeliers have unique engravings and drawings on them while others are very simple and look sophisticated. You will also have to decide what kind of candles you want to use in them.

They can be white ones, black, red, pink and so on. Choose the colors of the candles based on the color scheme of the wedding. This will help you create a more organized look in terms of color. You can use these chandeliers for your table décor and you can use them on their own or find other items that will make them stand out more. Using some small flower garlands next to them might be a good idea but you can also set up some mirrors underneath these chandeliers. They can be square ones or round ones. Scattering some flowers petals on the tables is also a good decision. You can also find some colored beads which can be scattered in a careless way on the tables or maybe add some miniature books which can be spray painted the same color as your chandelier decorations.

Wedding Decorations Chandler

Wedding Decorations – Chandeliers (Photo by: Osman Kalkavan)

Find more inspiration online or consult with your fiancée. Together you have to find a look that you both like. This entire décor has to reflect your style and taste. As far as the money, you can rent these adornments or you might be able to find some chandlers on sale. There is no need to spend a lot of money on these decorations as long as you know how to work with your budget. Also let your creativity lead the way.


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