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If we take it literally the term “classical” is coming from the Classical period (About 1750 – 1820) when many norms of the composition, presentation and style were established. This period was also the time when piano became the predominant keyboard instrument. Later the symphony appeared as a musical form in its own and the concerto started to develop as a vehicle for displaying virtuoso playing abilities.

But that was back then, at the beginning of delimitating music according to the cultural and social movements. Nowadays, given the broad variety of forms, genres, styles it is difficult to find criteria according to which we can classify a certain music as “classical”. In our times, however, there is this statement that declares “classical” any music or anything that “lasts long in time”, and this lasting long in time is due to the way music is perceived and preserved through time as a response of its popularity.

wedding-classical-songsWorks of classical music often display artistic complexity through the use of thematic elements, of harmony, of texture and through the musical form itself. Musical analysis of a composition reveals greater understanding of it and sensitivity to the beauty and artistry of the composer’s style.

The classical music is meant to be soft and more close to the ballad style, that is why when it comes to the moment you’ve been waiting for, the wedding day, the choice is quite hard to make. Music is endowed with the gift to set a mood, to evoke emotion and sometimes memories that are dear to our soul, so we need to make the right pick for the Big Day that set forth our future in a life time communion.

As to the wedding classical songs the list is endless. There are sites to provide these lists and enable downloads too, or ordering the wanted CDs. These lists are very helpful, as they guide the couple through selection, unveiling the elements of the wedding that require music, as there are moments in the wedding process that strictly delimitate the kind of music which is best to be chosen.

The wedding ceremony can be divided in different segments according to the moment that marks the displaying of the reception. So here come one by one: preludes – with the favorite composers Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, processionals – Schubert, Handel, Ungar, ceremony songs – Debussy, Mozart, Liszt and recessionals – Mendelssohn, Handel, Beethoven.

The wedding reception plays also its part in choosing the music. Some may opt for the wedding classical songs that come with the sober notes of classical jazz (i.e. “A time goes by” – from ‘Casablanca’), other for songs of classical rock ballads, other can choose the classical music that the countries’ tradition made it to be classically recognized, such as the music for tangos, fado, ¬†waltz (“The music of the night” – from ‘A Phantom at the Opera’), and so on.

The palette of choices is indeed vast and it would be very hard to compile all the songs that are dear to our soul, so we need to find the most representative ones that go along with our feelings and through their lyrics and music to express our state of mind that made the object of gathering together the couple for life.11

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