Wedding Cakes With Ribbon On Them

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When we say wedding cake, we first think of a cake that is white, as this color’s symbolism is purity and it works the same with the bride’s wedding dress, so these two elements are somehow connected in our mind. The white wedding cake icing first appeared in Victorian times and since then it is a common fact that we bear in mind the image of a white, yummy, creamy wedding cake when it comes to the wedding party. By the way, we have some awesome tips on how to save money with your wedding cake in this wedding planning course.

The cakes older than the white ones from Victorian times didn’t have the color white, because the ingredients for the icing weren’t easy to be found. The icing requires the use of the finest refined sugar and back then, whoever had it was a symbol of affluence for that specific family.

wedding-cakes-with-ribbon-on-themThe moment when the wedding cake becomes the center of attention is when the traditional cake cutting ceremony is performed. Many of us have witnessed this moment when the first piece is cut by the bride and groom in a joining as husband and wife. After the cutting the guests are served by the bride and this custom dates back to the Roman Empire where this task devolved exclusively upon the bride. After the cake is distributed, the couple starts to feed each other and this custom is also loaded with symbolism; it means the mutual commitment of bride and groom to take care of one another.

In early American wedding ceremonies it was the tradition that the groom had his cake, too. Distinctive to the bride’s cake, the groom’s cake was brown, covered in chocolate and it made its apparition along with the wedding cake. Some states from the South part of America still seem to have preserved this tradition.

What before used to be a simple wedding cake, lately has evolved into what we call a multi-tiered wedding cake. Bakers have created so many styles to decorate the cake that it makes the couple face a real difficult time in choosing the style. The wedding theme has to be the criteria according to which a wedding cake is made. For the ceremonies that have funny themes or retro fashioned theme, or a stylish theme the wedding cakes with ribbon on them are the perfect choice.

The wedding cakes with ribbon on them come in a vast range of options for decorations, most of them bearing the print of the bakers’ fantasy. Ribbons that can be personalized, ribbons with bows, ribbons that match the ribbons and jewels that decorate the bride’s wedding dress, ribbons that have the predominant color of the wedding theme, edible ribbons or plastic made ribbons and the list may go on and on. There are as many styles of weeding cakes with ribbons as many decorative ideas exist in the imagination of the bakers.

If you fancy your wedding cake having a different style than an ordinary one, the cakes decorated with ribbons are easy to prepare if you are into do-it-yourself sort of thing. Ribbons can be the ones made of fabric available in many colors and styles on the market, so don’t hesitate to put your imagination at work and see for yourself how simple this cake can be done adding just a touch of creativity!11

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