Wedding Cakes Knoxville, TN

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If you are in search of reliable Knoxville bakers because you are interested in ordering a stunning cake you should know that the list of possibilities is not limited at all. You will find plenty of wedding cake suppliers that promise to deliver the perfect wedding cake while taking into consideration all your suggestions regarding the flavor and the design that the delicious dessert should follow. Here are only a few of those reliable possibilities.

Wedding Cakes Knoxville Tn

Wedding Cakes Knoxville, TN (Photo by: Jim Duell)

First on the list is Magpies. This Knoxville bakery is able to deliver cakes for weddings as well as for special occasions and celebrations. You can use their services even if you are interested in a groom’s cake or a more unconventional wedding cake based on cupcakes. No matter your order they promise to honor it by using the freshest ingredients and making sure that the amazing flavors are hosted by a shell that looks spectacular.


Susie’s Specialty Wedding Cakes is the next option that should make it on your list. This bakery has made happy dozens of couples, so it’s definitely ready to deal with the challenge that you and your future husband are interested in throwing at them. No matter if you are in love with traditional or modern-looking cakes, you will still be impressed because this bakery’s staff is trained to design each cake as a centerpiece. After all, the wedding cake will have its own table and will benefit from a moment of its own.

Wedding Cakes Knoxville Tn

Wedding Cakes Knoxville, TN (Photo by: Tristan Ferne)

If you want to be able to choose from an overwhelming number of designs and flavors, you should also consider the services of Smoky Mountain Cakes. This supplier of wedding cakes specializes in delivering beautiful and high quality wedding cakes that say something about your personality. That means their cake designs tend to be unique because they are adapted to the tastes and needs of the couple that employs their services.

Because you should always make a final choice after considering numerous options, you shouldn’t forget about the services of the Knoxville bakery known as Embree House Wedding Cakes. This bakery is ready to deliver one-of-a-kind wedding cakes for a one-of-a-kind event by combining delicious flavors with an exterior design that will impress both you and your guests.

For all those who are planning a Knoxville wedding I also recommend the services of The Perfect Ending bakery. This wedding cake supplier can deliver any type of wedding cake, meaning that it can adapt the flavors and design to be traditional, elegant, whimsical or simply contemporary. They also promise to adapt the style that you end up choosing to your personal wishes and vision. You should also know that they use mostly gumpaste flowers in order to turn the wedding cake of your dreams in the centerpiece of the event. The result will always be a delicious cake, just perfect for ending a rich menu.

These are definitely not the only cake suppliers that you can find in the Knoxville area. You should also consider the services of Mango Cakes, Sugarbuzz Bakers and the Piece-a-Cake Bakery.


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