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Wedding bouquets are important elements that can complement the look both for the brides and bridesmaids. The bridal bouquets with all other forms used in the wedding ceremony originate way back in the era of ancient Greece where brides used flowers that had fragrance and herbs to chase the evil spirits away. The way nowadays the brides hold in hands the flowers arranged in a bouquet dates from the Victorian Period; at that time this small easy to hold arrangement was created out of a single type of flower that symbolized the feelings of the bride towards her future to be husband.

In present times the brides use for their bouquet a combination of type of flowers, that does not necessary mean something. Sometimes these bridal bouquets are created merely for the sake of beauty and effect of the colors. Before they used to have meanings and symbols, which brides, and not only them, were aware of.

wedding-bouquet-flowersBut if we think better, in those times girls, the future brides, didn’t have anything else better to do than fall in love and dream for the day when that love will materialize in a wedding. They had all the time in the world to think of that day and to choose the meaningful flowers, since they knew by heart their significance as there weren’t so many. But today, only to take into account the meaningful flowers, the ones that fully express your feelings, may take hours, if not days, moreover that there are so many types and colors for each type to decide upon.

A helping suggestion might be the one that offers the option of hiring a wedding florist who can indeed come with a variety of possibilities that match the note of your wedding events. There are also the so-called “bouquet designer galleries” that unfold an entire show of  arrangements one more colorful and meaningful than the other.

The bouquet you have to decide upon has to match your height as there are different types of bouquets (the short and rounded ones for tall brides and the longer bouquets for the short brides), they have to match the colors of your wedding and last, but not least, the theme of your wedding ceremony.

The most pleasing flowers that appeal to the brides are roses, white lilies, gerbera, tiny wild flowers that come in a variety of vivid colors, but these too have to relate to the season when the wedding takes place. Other aspect you may have to take into account is that wedding bouquets can be made of silk flowers which allow the decorators to use their imagination and create elaborate wedding bouquet flowers that do not necessary have to imitate the real ones.  The intricate design of these silk flowers wedding bouquets is a feature that determines the brides to select them; beside this we don’t have to omit the fact that these silk made flowers do not die, do not give pollen allergies, do not get damaged.

Choosing the wedding bouquet flowers is sometimes hard, as there are so many types of flowers, but with a little help from the professional florists or websites this choice will not appear to be difficult after all!11

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