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Some symbols are universally associated with weddings. And some symbols can make a difference between a Christian wedding and any other wedding. For example bells are the symbols we usually see in Christian weddings. If you are planning a traditional wedding your wedding cake topper should represent traditional wedding symbols. And the bell is a traditional symbol used in Christian weddings. Bells because make you think of church bells, the church Christian ceremony, bell is an element in Christianity. Bells represent also joy and sorrow, the bells ring in happy moment like weddings, holidays but also in sorrow moment, at the funerals. The ringing bells are used as a sign of worship. So if you are having a Christian wedding, include bells into your wedding, on your wedding invitations, in the decorations and on your wedding cake.

Wedding bells are the symbol of marriage unity and of vows you made in the church. In the country side church bells ring loud and clear with different occasions. The church bells ring when the couple is walking aisle together announcing their unity in the eyes of God and according to Christian traditions. Your bell cake topper will be a wonderful memory to you, you will keep it as a treasure all your life.

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The bell toppers can be made from different materials from porcelain, glass, plastic, sugar or gum paste. If you want your wedding cake topper to last forever and if you want to have it like a treasure all your life choose porcelain or plastic bells wedding cake toppers. But glass or crystal cake toppers are very delicate and beautiful.

There are many websites from where you can order your bells wedding cake toppers. For example you can buy them from wedding collectibles where you will find a large collection of bells wedding cake toppers from any material including glass or crystal. From love-made-glass website you can order a beautiful glass topper in the shape of a bell with two delicate crystal doves at the edges. This cake topper is beautiful, delicate and not expensive it is only $ 18.

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The glass cake tops in one of the largest website that has glass wedding cake toppers in any shape, colors, size, design. You can choose the angel bells wedding cake topper, star bells wedding cake toppers, bells with flowers cake toppers, bells with doves cake toppers. On this website you can find hand blown glass wedding bell wedding cake toppers. The toppers can be customized to look the way you want, you choose the design, the style, the size of the cake toppers.

If you want something traditional, romantic, delicate and beautiful choose glass or crystal bells as your wedding cake topper. The bell cake topper can be decorated with lace, with flowers, with little crystals, can be decorated with precious stones, with pearls, can be made from silver, gold, glass, crystal according to the theme of your wedding.11

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