What To Wear: Tuxedo Vs. Suit

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We all know the bride is the most important piece of the wedding. But she is not the only one. We could talk about the bride’s dress, make-up, hairstyle or shoes, all day long. But let’s talk today about the groom and his appearance.

If women have a great number of options when it comes to the wedding dress, men usually go for a tuxedo or a suit. Funny thing is that most of men don’t really know the difference between the tuxedo and suit. Of course they don’t , because they don’t really care. Except for businessmen who have to wear suits at work, ordinary men wear elegant, formal clothes at weddings or funerals, and that’s all you can get from them.

Photo Source: http://www.mytuxedocatalog.com

Photo Source: http://www.mytuxedocatalog.com

The first difference is the presence of satin. Tuxedos incorporate satin lapel and satin stripes running down the outside legs of the pants while suits don’t incorporate any satin and the lapel will be of the same cloth as the rest of the suit.

Another difference is that a tuxedo is traditionally worn with a bow tie, while a suit is usually worn with a long tie alone or with a matching vest. The main trait of a tuxedo is its black color, while a suit can be any color.

If you are making an effort to look stunning on your wedding day, you should probably choose a tuxedo instead of a suit.  Tuxedos are  more sophisticated and have that “dramatic” impact of a very special event.

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