Vintage Wedding Hair

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Contrary to what many might think, the vintage style is definitely not old-fashion! The contrary, many designers admit that old is the new trend. And when we say this we refer at all wedding fields, especially at bridal fashion. When it comes to wedding hairstyles, the contemporary bride finds it easier to obtain a more outstanding look by choosing a vintage style. Many old hairstyles are making a great comeback these days. It depends on the type of look each one of you is planning for your wedding.

It’s glamorous to wear your hair in a vintage up or down do! Nevertheless, you need to assort your hair with the other accessories you wear during the ceremony. Vintage hairstyles need a matching gown and jewelry. Complete your look with the perfect pair of old-style shoes and accessories. It’s fun to wear vintage hairpieces to match the era of your inspiration. It’s easy to obtain a fashion diva look these days with a few special old jewelry and hair accessories. But let’s see some cute hairdos you can choose from. If you have a special passion for the roaring ‘20s, consider wearing your hair in a bob style. This was the era of big changes in many social fields.

Vintage Wedding Hair

Vintage Wedding Hair (Photo by: Faylyne)

Women gained more ground during the 1920s and so they could afford to choose trendier cloths and accessories for their wear. This was the period after the World War I when women enjoyed independence. They were seen wearing their hair shorter than the usual. It was a sign of freedom and courage. The bob hairstyle was one of the most popular. This style was worn especially by flapper girls. It wasn’t worn simple, but with pretty accessories. Women of today can choose this style for a straight flapper dress. Wear a string of long white pearls around your neck to obtain a fancier look. Short-haired brides can consider a bob hairstyle and wear it straight or with curly tendrils around their face. Get inspired from the charming hairstyle often worn by the wonderful Charlize Theron.

Katie Holmies promoted a straight bob hairstyle with blunt. Add a jeweled headband for extra sparkle. You don’t even need to wear a veil with this hairstyle. If you are more into the ‘40s look, consider a long waved hairstyle. Soft flowing waves always make a woman look and feel feminine and romantic. Wear your hair down if you want to obtain a natural look and a comfortable feel. Many brides of today like this trend and wish to adopt it for their big day. If the 1960s style is your think, wear big bouffant hair at your wedding. Round bouffant buns are more modern choices for brides of today.


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