Vintage wedding bouquets

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The chances of making your bridal look totally unique, outstanding, one of a kind and more precious and special are so high right now.

The modern era has brought with it more and more options to explore in wedding dresses wedding cakes and wedding flower bouquets. But no other style can compare to the splendor, charm, elegance, refinement, chicness and glamour of the vintage style. Therefore we are going to present you more information on a vintage wedding bouquet and how you can obtain one for your own.

The antique style seems to be a very popular refrain in weddings while more and more couples are choosing to go on this path of old fashion. Without making a bride look dated or completely unsuitable for a 2010 wedding, a vintage wedding bouquet can only bring more naturalness, daintiness, style, high class and softness to the whole event and its implications.

Planning a vintage inspired wedding atmosphere can be a great way to start with in order to create an emotional specific background where the vintage wedding bouquet can be introduced as a stunning beautiful bridal accessory. The antique era was the ear when everything spoke of gallantry, elegance, nonchalance, classicism, romance, simple sophistication, high class, refinement, grandeur, cheerfulness, imagination, inspiration, flirt, creativity, artistry and poetry.

Any bride should try using her imagination in designing and composing her own wedding bouquet, by following a certain pattern or a cultural style. Choosing to go vintage could be a very inspired idea and way for the bride to highlight and emphasize her natural beauty, charm, enchantment and her personal style or vision.

The vintage bride can opt for a sensational Victorian vintage wedding bouquet, for a Renaissance themed wedding bouquet, for a funky retro themed wedding bouquet, for an Art Deco inspired wedding bouquet or for any other classic antique inspired creative wedding bouquet that the bride adores and wishes for her wedding.

A vintage wedding bouquet can be composed of roses, amaryllis, tulips, peonies, lilies of the valley, tuberoses, ranunculus, anemones, lavenders, calla lilies, freesias, gladiolas, sunflowers, gerbera daises, chrysanthemums, dahlias, delphiniums, dried flowers, wildflowers, narcissuses or daffodils, hyacinths, carnations, hydrangeas or orchids.

If these flowers are used in the correct nuance, then the chances that your bouquet looks vintage are higher. Pale pinks, blushes, peaches, creams, champagne hues, beiges, ecru nuances, ivory, light violet, deep purple, vintage orange, teal, turquoise, pale blue, navy blue, forest green, sage or lime green, buttercup yellow, chocolate brown, scarlet red, tomato red, plum or coffee brown are only a few examples of inspired colors that can resemble the vintage look.

Feathers, pearls and beadings, crystals, diamonds, gemstones, puffs, wide ribbons, bows, brooches, sequins, swags, buttons, leaves, lace appliqu├ęs, crochet wraps and polka dot ribbons are also only a few examples of accessories that can transform a standard regular wedding bouquet into a vintage charming creative wedding bouquet.11

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