Vintage sweet peas wedding bouquets Miami

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Planning a vintage wedding and you have no idea what types of flowers to use in order to obtain that chic nonchalant classy antique look? Well, why don’t you give it a try with sweet peas?

These flowers are simply adorable with their frilly heads that always seem to tremble in the air just like someone is constantly blowing in their faces. They always create the illusion of movement and playfulness and that is why they are so lovely and suitable for vintage themed weddings. Sweet peas also have a very romantic subtle scent that can be easily recognized.

Their looks, appearance, stature, colors and textures are just perfect for an old style wedding bouquet and you can easily observe that from these pictures with vintage sweet peas wedding bouquets.

Unfortunately, these flowers are not very popular or famous among flowers suitable for a wedding. Not all the brides are aware of the magic and splendor of sweet peas. They come in a wide range of enchanting pastel or hot colors like hot pink, peach, coral, pale pink, fuchsia, magenta, dark purple, violet, lilac, orange or plum.

They can be arranged in all kinds of wedding bouquet styles, although they can be seen more often used as fillers or additional flowers to larger natural touch wedding bouquets. But if you’re determined to go vintage than we advise you to keep the bouquet simple and to try using only sweet peas, in a single color, in a bicolor scheme or in a multi-color palette.

If you do want to mix them with other flowers that are a bit bigger and more dramatic or lavish, then you can use hydrangeas, irises, peonies, orchids, calla lilies, ranunculus, roses, tulips, anemones, dahlias, freesias, stephanotises, amaryllis, lilacs, delphiniums, gardenias, lilies of the valley,  hibiscus, plumerias or violets. All these types of flowers can blend beautifully in a vintage sweet peas wedding bouquet providing the bride with a magical exotic or wildflower look. Compared to other types of popular flowers, sweet peas are more affordable as in price. They also make a more attractive, sensual, romantic, subtle, feminine and personal alternative to roses wedding bouquets that are by now over-used and over-done in weddings. No bride should feel afraid to try something else.

Even in matters of wedding flowers, bouquets, colors and themes. If you want to keep the pace with all the tendencies in weddings and be in trend you should always let your mind free in order to embrace as many styles as possible. Enlarging your vision and the way you perceive things will always help you in making a more advised wise decision. For a wedding day on a beach in Miami this exotic flowing and floaty wedding bouquet can really make an exclusive choice.11

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