Vintage pink wedding flower centerpieces Chicago

Wedding Decorations | November 20 2019 | by Jenny | 4 Comments

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For the happy bride who is planning an old style wedding we’ve found these pictures with vintage pink wedding flower centerpieces that we hope to be useful in one way or another. Nowadays the majority of the modern brides are reconsidering their options when it comes to choosing the right theme or the color scheme for the wedding.
Many find the antique style and fashion to be more inspiring or to still be fashionable, in vogue and very elegant even for a modern wedding. More and more wedding dress designers, wedding cake makers and all the specialists in field are adopting the new old style to say so in their work. That is why we get to see so much of this antique style incorporated in all kinds of wedding items.

When it comes to flowers and wedding decorations, the vintage style is not completely ignored. There are so many beautiful, charming and original arrangements that can be made in that chic by gone style using only flowers and the right colors! We’ve chosen the pink nuance because this one seems to totally express the refinement, the grace, the subtle elegance and the discreet sophistication of the antique coquette style and eras.

But in trend or in vogue today for antique inspired weddings are also the following shades: cream, ivory, beige, champagne, chocolate brown, maroon, peat or coffee brown, peach, coral or mate vintage orange, dark purple, plum or burgundy, violet, lilac, lavender or mauve, scarlet red or tomato red, buttercup yellow or eggplant, gold, bronze or silver, sage green, meadow green or lime green, pale blue, navy blue or aqua blue, and the list can continue.

But even the pink color has various derived shades that must be mentioned here in order to help you make the right decision on the best type of pink that you can use in your vintage pink wedding flower centerpieces: pale pink, blush, baby pink, coral pink, magenta, burgundy, hot pink, violet pink or fuchsia. When the time comes to choosing the right types of natural fresh flowers that come in these shades you just have to consider your favorite ones or the ones that are in season for your wedding. Seasonal wedding flowers are always less expensive than the exotic ones that are imported from warmer regions.

Here is a list with the most fashionable or in trend types of pink wedding flowers usually incorporated in vintage themed weddings: peonies, sweet peas, dahlias, ranunculus, tulips, calla lilies, freesias, anemones, carnations, geraniums, roses, pansies, hibiscus, orchids, gladiolas, lilacs, violets, gerbera daises, lisianthus, asters, chrysanthemums, wildflowers or cherry blossoms. If the wedding is going to be held in nature in Chicago or anywhere else in the world then these vintage pink wedding flower centerpieces will surely be inspiring for you.

Photos from: www.kiokreations.com11


  1. Kristen

    February 02, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    WOW, twice in one day I find our image with no credit to Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog for posting the original image, which was taken by photographer Kara Schultz featuring flowers and decor designed by Kio Kreations. Credit your sources, or remove this image from your page.

  2. Kara Schultz

    February 02, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Thanks for finding and loving my image (the top first one). Please credit me and the florist (! Thanks!

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