Victorian Wedding Rings

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Brides who are interested in wearing something purely romantic and classy might be interested in reading this article and seeing these wonderful pictures of Victorian wedding rings posted on this page. Nowadays, the number of couples who decide to opt for an antique wedding ring style is constantly growing. There is no doubt that compared to modern designs, the vintage or the old era style is a little bit more artistic, sumptuous and exquisite.

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We personally think that no modern jewelry can be compared to the refined, dainty and chic vibe of the antique jewelries and it seems that this truth becomes more and more visible or famous among brides and grooms of today. We are glad to see that contemporary couples are still interested in making a classy choice and opt for something so precious and elegant such as a Victorian wedding ring. You don’t have to have something in common with the bygone eras to fall pick this type of ring for your own wear. A simple glance at these fascinating styles can convince you that this style is what you really need for making a statement among other women. We love Victorian wedding rings because they are very expressive, luxurious and artistic. But besides the exquisite beauty that transpires throughout the patterns and the embroideries, we must mention that these rings are also highly symbolical or meaningful.

Those of you who wish to honor a certain tradition or date in time will definitely find these designs totally adequate for their own wear because of their significant and precious character. Compared to other types of wedding rings, these ones are highly embroidered and adorned. The ornaments used for creating a Victorian wedding ring are truly special and sensual. Not to mention that even the patterns or the intricate scrollwork were meant to symbolize something like a love message or a mythological story.

One of the most impressive and interesting things about antique Victorian wedding rings was the fact that some bands were made with all kinds of secret compartments for love messages. The most popular types of patterns used for Victorian wedding rings in general are: filigree patterns, floral designs, engraved styles, cannetille or repousse designs. Besides these romantic and delicate embroideries made on the band, the rings were also beautified with all kinds of gemstones. Among the most common types of gems usually chosen for these types of rings we mention the rubies, the emeralds, the sapphires or the pearls. As for the most popular type of metal used for creating these romantic styles, the yellow gold was the metal that helped designers to create such remarkable and charming filigree patterns and works of art on the bands.

Even today one can find beautiful Victorian wedding rings made with all kinds of patterns inspired by flowers, fruits, leaves or angle wings. For something even more romantic and preciously meaningful we suggest you to look for a gorgeous Victorian wedding ring replica where the band is engraved on the inside with your initials.11

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