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Wedding Dresses | March 15 2020 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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The pictures that you can admire below on this page contain a few of our favorite Vanitas wedding dresses that we have selected for this article especially for the contemporary brides who are out there waiting to see more fresh and innovative designs on our website. Well, these fabulous gowns here are definitely unique, original and seductive in every single cut, line, embroidery and pattern.


There is some sort of a vintage chic vibrancy that the majority of these gowns here emanate. We are convinced that all modern brides who are interested in finding something more authentic, coquette and sensual for their own wear will surely choose one of these fascinating Vanitas wedding dresses.

We are honestly glad to see that more and more fashion bridal designers are willing to create more and more old couture inspired wedding gowns especially for the brides who are looking for a more provocative and fashionable wedding dress created according to the old century styles and patterns.

But these dress masterpieces here are not only fitted and flattering for the brides who are planning a magical antique look for their wedding but also for all cotemporary brides who want to wear something more exquisite, passional, vibrant and trendy. These dresses here are very hot, intriguing and eye-catchy especially those that follow a form-fitted silhouette or those made with low cut backs and high low hemlines.

We think that the modern bride who wants to look purely sexy and voguish on her wedding should definitely opt for one of these enchanting and irresistible Vanitas wedding dresses here.

We are now very curious to find out what your opinions and responses are to these remarkable pieces here. And we are looking forward to see your reactions because we want to know whether you want us to provide you with more of this couturier’s original styles here on our website in the future.

We also invite you to browse for more gorgeous and enchanting creations made in the passional and high class Italian style made by various bridal fashion designers on our website. You can compare all the designs we’re promoting on our website and see which ones are the most flattering and suitable for you. We believe that the Italian bridal style is one of the most refined, sensual, delicate and seductive of all.

In case you are already enthusiastic and fascinated by these Vanitas wedding dresses we’re showing you here and you want to see more, you can always visit this designer’s official website and browse for the entire 2011 bridal collection. You can also check out the latest pieces designed by Vanitas for previous collections and make yourself an overall image on what this designer’s creative style means.

Those of you who are fascinated with the magical and chic ‘20s style can always opt for one of these sensational and femininely delicate flapper style Vanitas wedding dresses we’re presenting in these pictures. The collection is so wonderful and rich because it contains lots of different styles that many brides can choose from.11

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  1. claire

    February 21, 2011 at 5:49 am

    I will do it. I will browse for more on their official site, as you said, because these dresses are not only a little bit unusual, but they are very intriguing. It’s intriguing how the designer succeeded in making the dresses look so fresh and well with so little detail. I also happen to like ruffles a lot and veils even more. And the first veil got my attention very fast. As for the ruffled dresses, they are quite unique and fit for a bride who wants to feel fresh and ready to dance all through the wedding. But my guilty pleasure regarding these dresses is the corset look on the dresses, with the laces as part of the charm of the dress.I love this detail on these dresses.

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