Valentino Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | January 18 2020 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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All the brides who want to look elegant, fashionable and elevated on the wedding day should definitely take a look at these remarkable Valentino wedding dresses shown in the photos below. These fabulous creations signed by Valentino designer are part of his newest 2011 bridal collection and truly think that any bride can find her dream wedding dress among his styles.


The whole collection is truly impressive and outstanding, so you don’t have to be worried that you won’t be able to find something remarkable, glamorous and fancy for your own special wedding. Compared to other bridal collections designed by Valentino this one is definitely the most inspiring and romantic one. The styles that you will be able to find are charming and simply original wedding gowns inspired by the antique eras.

If you are in love with the ‘60s and ‘70s style, then you should definitely take a minute of your time and browse through this one of a kind collection in searching for your dream wedding dress. The silhouettes are truly sensual, feminine and ultra elegant. This is why we can admit that even traditional brides can opt for one of these spectacular gowns and not only contemporary brides who want to wear something more romantic, dainty and high class.

We are kind of happy to see that more and more brides of today are willing to make the big step in purchasing a couture wedding dress for the wedding day. They seem to finally understand that looking original, chic, eye-catchy and sensational implies spending more money for the dress you want. There is no way you are going to obtain that same fashionable, voguish and dramatic look in an off the rack cheaper wedding dress! Let’s face it!

These gowns are anything but standard, plain, popular or conservative. They are able to take the bride to the next level of beauty, ultra elegance, refinement, exquisiteness and uniqueness. Any bride who decides to go for a Valentino wedding dress will experience the beauty and the overwhelming thrilling feeling of looking special, one of a kind and highly qualitative. Besides the exquisite beauty and the marvelous silhouettes that these dresses provide the bride with, we must also mention that the designs are pretty soft, smooth and comfortable.

We’re sure that we all can agree on the fact that any bride needs to feel comfy, commodious and practical during the day just to be able to get through all the ceremonies easily. There is no point in buying an ample, voluminous and elaborated pompous wedding own that is not able to offer you the necessary movement feel and coziness. These Valentino wedding dresses are both sensual and comfortable, and that is why they make such a splendid choice for any modern bride who wants to look and feel magnificent on the day.11

1 Comment

  1. Julia

    December 28, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    The bride who want to feel chic, elegant, feminine and extravagant should definitely wear a Valentino. I love all Valentino’s creations and these wedding dresses are just wonderful. The fabrics he uses, the lines, cuts and accessories are all about glamour and high class. Unfortunately I can only get inspired by his dresses. And from these ones the most inspiration I get from the third one. I think it is called a mermaid wedding dress? Anyways, what I like about it is the lace, the richness of the embroideries and the fact that the lines are so fluid. I ‘ve seen similar dresses, with that mermaid tail, that I didn’t like. Because they were very tight and then came the volume, somewhere just underneath the knees. But the volume here comes from the lines, from the cuts, so naturally and comfortable. Very nice dress.

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