Up Hair Styles For Mother In Law At A Wedding

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On the wedding day the mother in law needs to look just as stylish as the bride and groom. That’s why she should invest time and effort in coming up with the perfect dress and the perfect hairstyle. Fortunately the options are unlimited in both cases so the mother in law has great chances to find a style that matches her personality.

For instance, if as the mother in law you are interested in an up style because you have medium length or long hair, you should consider adding sophistication to your look by relying on a chignon hairstyle. To create such a bun you will have to gather the hair in a ponytail and then twist that ponytail in order to obtain a bun shaped like an eight. Once the right shape is achieved you will have to use plenty of bobby pins in order to secure the hair in place. To add more sophistication to such a look you should also consider adding a hair flower or a small barrette. Just make sure you choose a hair embellishment that works with your dress as well as with the style of the wedding.

Up Hair Styles For Mother In Law At A Wedding

Up Hair Styles For Mother In Law At A Wedding (Photo by: Jackie Waters)

Another stylish option that you should consider involves creating a French twist. What you will have to do is first of all create the French twist that will add a royal touch to your wedding look. To do that you will once again have to gather the hair in a ponytail and then twist it upward while making sure the ends don’t get loose. The result will be a twist that you will have to secure with decorative hairpins, for instance. Don’t forget to also finish off the look by adding some sparkle with the help of a hair comb or a ribbon that matches your dress.

I also recommend you to consider more types of hairstyles than just up-dos. There are cases when a soft and romantic look is more comfortable to wear. For instance, if the wedding is going to be a casual event scheduled to take place in a warm summer day you should consider letting your hair flow on the back and impress with curled ends. Such a hairstyle is simple and elegant and in the same time age-appropriate.

You should also know that you can easily look chic even if your have short hair. Just consider adding a hat and some simple jewelry. Hair accessories are many times the simplest way to take a short hairstyle to the next level. In addition, they are suitable for a formal wedding as well as for a casual event.


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