Unique Wedding Souvenirs

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If you want to impress your guests with unique wedding souvenirs or favors, you should consider investing in one of the gorgeous options available on the market or taking a simple wedding favor to the next level by delivering it in a unique presentation. Either way, you will have the chance to make sure that even the details related to your wedding souvenirs are perfect.

For the couples who don’t have much time on their hands to plan their wedding I recommend the Wedding Star website. That’s because on this website you have the chance to find a variety of unique wedding favors that work for an elegant wedding. For instance, you should consider the Mini Treasure Chest which is perfect for a beach themed wedding and is listed as item 8638. This particular wedding favor is a chest that measures 6.4 x 8.9 x 6.4 cm and is made from real wood. You will also notice that it features a metal latch and an exterior enriched by a rugged map finish. In such a unique box you can add any gift that you think your wedding guests would love to receive. When it comes to pricing, you should know that it varies based on the number of packages you are interested in. For instance, for 4 to 7 packages of 6 such chests you will have to pay $21.64.

Unique Wedding Souvenirs

Unique Wedding Souvenirs (Photo by: The Local People Photo Archive)

If you’d rather take the wedding guest favors to the status of unique wedding souvenirs by relying on a more unusual presentation idea, you should first of all consider playing with the packaging. You should try to find stylish gift boxes and embellish them with unique elements like ribbons and custom labels. If the exterior looks extremely appealing, your wedding guests will be more interested in discovering the goodies on the inside. I also recommend you to use personalization to your advantage. That means you should engrave the favors or print on their exterior your names and wedding date. Professional calligraphers or the less expensive laser engraving will make sure your wedding favors are as unique as your wedding.

Another unique idea involves designing reception table centerpieces that break into pieces. Such centerpieces tend to be extremely beautiful and in the same time practical because they help you avoid clutter while giving the guests the chance to choose the piece they like the most. You can create such a centerpiece by using smaller vases in order to deliver a beautiful floral centerpiece or by stacking in the middle of the table boxes beautifully decorated and filled with goodies.


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