Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

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Your special day is approaching and you wish to amaze your guests with unique wedding favors. If you need some help, just think that you can maybe offer some souvenirs that symbolize your love relationship. Like the flowers that the groom offered his future wife for the first time. Or, maybe, the first sweets that the happy couple shared at their first date. If nothing that personal is crossing your mind, here is a list of unique wedding favors that will make your event most memorable.

Unique Wedding Flavor Ideas

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You can offer fortune cookies with happy wishes for all you guests. Funny wishes can be entertaining as well. Use as wedding favors little bottle openers that you personalized with a picture of the two of you.

If you are having a beach wedding, you can hire a bartender that can prepare for everybody fresh smoothies that you can serve in personalized plastic cups.

Unique Wedding Flavor Ideas

Unique Wedding Favor Ideas (www.thebridesofoklahoma.com)

You can also hire a magician that can entertain everybody with magic tricks.

If you want everybody to go crazy, rent a sketch or photo booth that will keep your guest well entertained all night.

One of the craziest ideas, but great indeed, is to invite a fortune teller at your wedding. Set her in a place that is visible for all guests, but not in the middle of the venue, and you will see how people will visit her table all night.

You can use as great wedding favors gift cards as well. They don’t need to be expensive. They can be of a 2 $ value for a coffee at Starbucks, for example. Or maybe Dunkin Donuts gift cards for …donuts.

If your wedding is on a budget you can try making your own wedding favors. You can buy microwave popcorn and sugar to cook caramel popcorn balls. There is not a person in the world that does not absolutely love caramel popcorn.

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