Unique Something Blue For Wedding

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Many brides follow the tradition of wearing something old, something new, something blue and something borrowed at their wedding. If you are wondering how to incorporate something blue in your outfit, here are some ideas that might help you.

The easiest way of including something blue is by wearing blue jewelry. For example, a hairpin can be worn as something blue and something old as well. Earrings, broaches and necklaces are great ideas too.

You can have a bouquet formed of blue flowers or you can put a single blue flower in your hair. The most impressive blue flowers which can become part of your bouquet are blue orchids and blue irises. Among the meanings of irises, the usual are hope, faith and wisdom. An additional meaning can be attributed to irises, when they are colored in blue, that of royalty. Orchids are the symbol of love, through their resistance of living in any condition. They also symbolize refinement and charm. The color blue represents calmness, romance and relaxation. Blue orchids are rare, but florists managed to create hybrid blue orchids in a large variety of shades. If you want to use other colors in your wedding bouquet, you can choose some that match the color blue. Purple, yellow, white and ivory fall into this category. To beautifully complete the look, use blue ribbon to wrap the bottom of the bouquet. When wearing an all-white wedding outfit, fitting the color blue can be a little tricky. It can seem really inappropriate in this combination if you use it excessively or if the blue element attracts all the attention. Although different in color, this element must remain discreet and will be used only to improve the bride’s overall look. An interesting idea could be that of writing your vows on a blue journal and carrying it down the aisle. A bride can use this color in her makeup too, to outline her eyes. Or she can even wear blue contact lenses and make the look complete. For a bold bride, there are still more possibilities. She can wear blue shoes or even a light blue shawl if the wedding takes place in winter. Some brides plan to wear gloves at the ceremony. Light blue gloves can successfully replace the traditional white ones.

Your inspiration and imagination will help you create a unique something blue for wedding. Finding the right blue element to include in your outfit should be a fun and memorable experience

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